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The following chart lists the available features found in your ProtoSound
equipped locomotive. The default settings for each feature as well as the
operation sequence of the feature are listed in separate columns. You can
reset all features to their original factory settings by accessing Feature 18 in
RESET and press and hold the transformer whistle button until you hear a
soft, warbled bell sound.

6          Engine Volume          Full Volume          1 Clank/5 Clinks
10          Coupler ON/OFF         Coupler ON          2 Clanks/0 Clinks
18          Reset Default Settings          3 Clanks/3 Clinks
20          Remote Bell Button      Bell Button Active          4 Clanks/0 Clinks
23          Cab Chatter          Cab Chatter ON          4 Clanks/3 Clinks
25          Whistle In Neutral          Whistle In Neutral OFF     5 Clanks/0 Clinks
27          Chuff Rate          Full Chuff Range          5 Clanks/2 Clinks
28          Brake/PFA Enabled     Brake/PFA ON          5 Clanks/3 Clinks
40          Lockout Enabled          Lockout OFF          8 Clanks/0 Clinks
45          Squeaking Brakes        Brakes Always ON          9 Clanks/0 Clinks
PFA Activation with whistle button only

1) Put the engine into Neutral, with Forward being the next direction of travel.

2) Set the Throttle to about 8 VAC.

3) Slowly press the whistle control until the bell just begins to ring, and hold it there.

4) After about 3 seconds, if you listen closely, you will hear an air release (WHOOSH!).  When you hear this sound, you may release the whistle control.  The bell will still be ringing.

5) Press and release the whistle control to turn off the bell.

6) Interrupt power to switch the engine into Forward.

While the engine continues to run in Forward, the Squealing Brakes will be active.  When you next enter Neutral, the Freight Yard Sounds or Passenger Station Announcements will begin.

ProtoSound Reset 18


ProtoSounds® RESET feature (Feature 18) resets all programmable options back to their original factory settings. This is a useful feature if you find your engine not operating the way you think it should.  To SET all the features back to their original factory settings, enter RESET Mode and go to Feature 18. Using the following steps

NOTE:  Make sure that the ProtoSounds® battery is fully charged any time that you try to RESET program options

In RESET Mode move the throttle up & down from high voltage to low 18 times
Listen for 3 Clank and 3 Clink Sounds. You are now in feature 18
Once in Feature 18, press and release the Whistle Button and wait for the engine
To sound a garbled bell (warbling sound).
Interrupt the throttle (all the way off) to “lock-in”  The Program feature 18 Setting

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