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The renewed interest in MTH products prompts me to ask for some input from MTH HO gauge owners. Have acquired these exquisite F units recently that have the handsome SS plating. There has been quite a stir over the last couple of years with the O gauge offerings from the various manufacturers finally offering plating on some roads. MTH produced these back in 2010, way ahead of everyone else. They are all powered and have full PS3 sound and control. Excellent detail including the grab irons on the nose of the Yellowbonnet at the bottom.

Has anyone had operating experience with their F units and can share their thoughts on them?

I'm looking for a single Yellow A unit - powered or non.




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I have experience with MTH HO Fs and would avoid them, and go with other brands that have more reliable electronics and better road specific detailing.  I think purchasing a model because someone was the first to do it a long time ago is reverse logic.  It would be like choosing an MTH PA over the upcoming Rapido model. And if guys here think Kato offers prototypical or even average detailing you need to bring up the discussion on an HO forum to get more recent information.  If you are asking about O gauge as it is not clear, then 3rd Rail plainly is superior, but unavailable.  They are doing a second run of F3s that may be fully reserved but way better than MTH and not that much more money per unit.  

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