I'm normally an O gauge guy, but these HO MTA sets look really interesting with Proto 3. I don't have full DCS, I'm using the Remote Command DCS handheld and the new DCS Explorer, and I run my old O gauge subways using a Z1000 and triggering the sounds with transformer buttons. So, questions:

1: Anybody have an HO MTH subway, and what do you think?

2. Can I run the P3 HO with the old z1000 and transformer and trigger sounds?

Thanks all.

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Have R-17 Silver Blue North/South Bound MTH PS3 sets which are beautiful compared against LifeLike/Walthers HO subway trains. Found MTH cars feel more durable and with PS3 makes the set more fun to use IMO.

Operated HO set using Z1000 and found unit responded similar to operating an O-Gauge. Not sure how DCS explorer would operate but one would assume there should be no problem with using the setup.

Think you'll be happy. MTH has expanded the HO subway line with soon to be released RedBird, GreenBird, Red Robin and work trains sets in R-17 & R-21/2 cars.


Bill - TCA #14-70509

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