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I tried this, but after a relatively short time the plastic bottle just cracked and the oil leaked out. So, I went back to Labelle light oil .

Wow!  Sorry to hear that.  I've never had that problem.
I got to say a super tiny drop of this goes a long way.  Put it on one end of an axle & it migrates all the way through to the other end.  I also use a toothpick or a metal point to direct the oil exactly where I want it.
That little bottle lasts a looooong time.  A long time ago I bought two.  The second one is still unopened and I have 40 locomotives & several hundred pieces of rolling stock including passenger cars.
Here is one thing I did discover. The oil lasts a long time on newer equipment, but things like post-war need a slightly heavier oil.  It worked great for a few weeks then those items seemed to not roll as well when first oiled.   My thought is it might be because of the loose tolerances at the axle/roller points requiring heavier oil on that older equipment.



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