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I have an MTH Premier SD40-2 and it is making a squeaking/grinding sound for some reason. I lubricated and greased it, and ironically it only makes this noise in forward (not reverse). I'm not the best at taking the cab off so I figured I'd post here first. 

Thanks all!

~Steve B


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SD40-2 Squeaking
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gunrunnerjohn posted:

I barely hear anything with my sound volume at max.

Seems that the video quality is a bit more blurry when I listen to it in the player here on the site. It is much clearer when I listen on the laptop. I wonder how I can fix that!


~Steve B

You can check to see that motor mount screw under truck is not loose.  YOu can check side gears for damage.  After that cab off to check motor mount screws that hold motor mount to motor.  That requires motor out of truck.   Just generic recommendations as I can not hear the noise either from your video. G

I had a similar issue and diagnosed it as a pickup wheel roller issue.  I turned mine over and spun the rollers to see if they spun freely or stopped suddenly.  The front one stopped.  I lubricated it and spun it and the sound seemed to disappear. 

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