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I recently picked up a lot of different MTH smoke units, and I'd like (if possible) to add them to some of my non-MTH trains.  I'm guessing you can't directly wire them up without burning them up, so can anyone give me some pointers?  (In particular, I'd like to hang a smoke unit in my "Tin Plate Traditions" Hiawatha and some of my Williams trains without getting overly complicated).  Thanks in advance!

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I use the MTH smoke units in many upgrades, 3rd Rail, Weaver, Williams, etc.  I've used them in K-Line and Lionel to replace puffers as well.

If you're not installing PS2 or PS/3, the command smoke unit will require a resistor change for use, I use anything from a 20 ohm to a 27 ohm resistor.  You also need a source of 5VDC power for the smoke fan.  Of course, for steamers I'm normally installing a Super-Chuffer II, so I have the fan control all handled.

Here's the PS/2 unit in a K-Line.

Here's the PS/1 unit, this will run directly off track power.


Corresponded with Midge in 2009 about a MTH smoke unit to installed in a reg regular loco to run off track voltage between 12-16 volts her response below . Bought it back then hooked up some leads and tested fine just not installed in any engine as of yet.

Just checked that part number on MTH site  AA-0000011 and it now cost 65.00 instead of the 50.00 paid back then 10 years ago and S&H probably is more as well.

Dear Martin:Thank you for the email below.That voltage, 12-16VAC is fine. The AA-0000011 smoke unit is fan driven and will operate properly at the voltage listed. I The part number is AA-0000011.  The cost for this smoke unit is $50.00 each Shipping & handling is $6.75 . Hope the above information is helpful.If we can be of any further assistance, please let us know.Have a nice day!MidgeParts DepartmentAt 04:58 PM 10/12/2009



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Making some progress.  That said, when I put power to the bottom contact pad and ground to the other, I get the light and smoke fan, but no smoke.  With some experimenting, I discovered that if you bridge the two contact pads with power, then ground the housing, you get light, fan and smoke.  Could there be another contact spot for a real ground?


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