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Hi Guys!

I would be very grateful for a bit of advice! My Y6b had a minor derailment on a switch the other day and as usual, it tripped the circuit breaker on the transformer. Once it had been re-railed and everything re-set, the power was switched on and the circuit breaker tripped again - it does this every ime. There must be a short somewhere, but I'm not sure where to start. I've had the body off and tested just the loco chassis. Taken off the centre rail pick ups one by one, but nothing - still trips every time. Lifted each bogie in turn, but still no luck. Can't see any loose wires or connections, but presumably something somewhere must be touching something it shouldn't - hence the short. The only slight clue is a faint sound before the trip coming from the circuitry between the two motors and a very faint smell of something warm. Hoping it's not blown boards and any suggestions most welcome. Many thanks!

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Hi everyone and thanks for all the help. Gunnerjohn, the model is 30-1438-1. Rich, you're absolutely right - I followed Jon's advice and disconnected the main power feed and the circuit didn't trip. So, looks like I need a new board for this loco - has anyone out there got a good working one for a reasonable price?? Regards, David

My advice is to bite the bullet and go for a retrofit PS32 board, they're made to replace failed PS/2 boards.  While I have some of the older 5V PS/2 boards, I am loathe to sell them as they have a propensity to die for no apparent reason, and I just figure the bad feelings aren't worth the risk.

If you can come up with a working 3V board set, they're fairly simple to retrofit, you do have to replace the speaker and charging port/battery.  I trust the 3V boards, I just don't trust the 5V board sets.

Thanks again for the advice from Gunrunnerjohn and GGG. Is PS3/2 a plug in and play upgrade, or are there any modifications necessary? Is there an online guide available? Over here in the UK technical support is very thin on the ground! Having said that, I am in regular contact with a couple of fellow forum members locally. Regards, David

The PS32 board is around 90% PnP.  It has the same connectors as the board you're replacing, but sometimes the harnesses don't reach as the connectors are not in the same relative positions on the package. The physical mounting is different, so there will be a little mechanical work to tie it down.

You will also have to swap out the speaker for a 4 ohm speaker.

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