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Hi all,

Some time (years) ago, I was on vacation and was waiting for a coal train of NORX hopper cars (with the yellow ends) and was struck by the meatball design.

I've done some research and found out that MTH in 2016 catalogued a "Coalporter Hopper Car - Northern Indiana Public Service (NORX)" (sku 507-2097831) but I have not found them anywhere.  I/we recently (2020) got back into the O-gauge train hobby, and have desired purchasing one of these "meatball" hoppers for some time.

Does anyone know if these were ever made?  I called PWRS but they had none. (Are links to train stores allowed? If so, I could post a picture of this car)

If anyone has any, would they please post a picture of it?

Did any other manufacturers make one of these NORX hoppers?  Are there any other types of cars with this roadname?

If allowed (I don't know, but didn't see anything clearly banning it), could someone link a store where I could purchase them?

Thanks all.

(This is my first topic and I'm really hoping I understood and am following the rules correctly. )


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Most people go by the MTH part number. According to that 2016 catalog,

20-97831 single car NORX coal porter

20-92079 six car set

20-92080 another six car set.

I did a search on eBay, Completed Items (so listed, may or may not have been sold), nothing. I think Completed is good for the last six months, so if someone sold it earlier than that, you would not know.

I did an internet search (I use DuckDuckGo) came up with this posting by MTH here on the forum

saying the 79 and 80 had less than 5 in stock, implying the sets were made.

If you want to buy something, the Want To Buy section might be better, it should be under Miscellaneous

Good luck in your endeavors.

Thank you very much for your very kind reply!  I really appreciate both it and what you said.

It is a relief to know that it was made, and the model numbers thereof. (As I said earlier, I was out of the hobby from late 2008 to January of 2020, and paid absolutely no attention to it in the meantime.)  I will take you up on your offer!

Thank you again!

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