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I recently acquired a 320 Hudson that has been upgraded to a 322. It still has the link couplers. I'd like to get a set of the red Heavyweight Pullman cars for it.

What should I look for? What is a fair price? Does anyone perhaps have a set they want to sell?

Thank you all for the help. Flyer is still very new to me and I am trying to learn as I go.

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Your Hudson is a 1946 engine, the only cataloged passenger set was the 4613. It used one 653, two 652's and one 654, all red. If you want to use the correct Pullman heavyweights for the 1946 engine you need the long truck version. These have trucks 2.5" long with a blind wheel in the inner most position on each truck. This version is hard to find and cost double or more of what the 1948 and newer Pullmans will cost. For excellent condition, C7, expect to pay around $225 each. If you are willing to use the 1948 through 1953 versions then you should be able to buy C7 condition cars for $75 to $100 each. There are minor detail variations such as the specific link coupler used and whether there are one or two numbers stamped on the car sides. I recommend against using the 1953 Pikes Peak version of the 652. These can be expensive, have a lot of detail differences, are made with a different plastic, are painted, and are not correct for the engine.

That set of three cars is as close to C7 condition as I have seen outside of certain collections in a long while. They likely grade at C6. They are 1947 cars with the thick shank, unweighted couplers. Replacements for the missing window inserts are readily available. The sloping rear platform on the 654 is correct, "they all did that." I feel the price is fair for the condition and rarity.

Congratulations! You have a great display set. Only one more 652 is needed, they show up from time to time and they are more plentiful than the 653 and 654.

By the way, if you want the correct track to display the 1946 engine it is the Gilbert track with the web under the railhead painted black. It was made only in 1946 so it is not common and usually found mixed in with the later all steel track.

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