What are Flash codes?

What is their role in the operation of PS/2 - PS/3 engines?

Where do you get of download them?

And what do you need to transfer them to an engine?

I have the Consumer Loader V 5.0.

I am trying to install a PS/2 5 volt board from a Weed sprayer, into a 10 wheel steamer.

I have tried most of the 5 volt sound files from the MTH website, but no joy, only error messages.

Any help would be welcomed.

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If the board was flashed at the factory for a gas engine Weed Sprayer, would the board set accept a sound and operation file for a Steam engine sound file if it was a 5 volt file?

The normal 5V files should load into any 5V PS/2 board.  There are special 5V FLASH boards, but they work with standard engines as well.   The 20-2251-1 weed sprayer has a standard 5V PS/2 board.

What errors are you getting when you try to load a sound file?

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