Atlantis has another 1/48 scale item coming that many will find useful on any O scale layout. The kit is the vintage Revell White COE tractor with tanker trailer.  New Sinclair decals and box art look great. Due soon and should be stocked at Hobby Lobby if you have one.

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Well, I do have a HobLob and they will be getting some of my money if they have those in stock.

I found a cheap fixer-upper at a train show 2 - 3 years ago, repaired and painted it (light weathering; the plastic was already orange, but that's a paint job). The prototypes were probably the best-looking tractor/trailer rigs ever. Also, it's not a convertible, a T'bird, a Caddy or a Vette. Thankfully.

I took the photos.


The mirrors were long gone; I just did minimal styrene quickies.

I didn't do glass. One day....



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Nice to see that kit back again. I'm going to have to make a trip to Hobby Lobby to see if I can find one to go with my MTH Sinclair Gas Station. Thanks for the heads up.

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Nice! Thanks for the info Dave! I also have a Hobby Lobby near me, so I will have to check it out.

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In high school, I was a grease monkey at my local Sinclair gas station. It was a good experience for a 15 year old back in 1958-59. I remember those gas trucks coming in to fill up our tanks. I'll have to make a run to Hobby Lobby to pick up a kit.  If only I kept my '56 Olds Super 8 and my '59 Bonneville. The good old days!


Strap Hanger posted:

Thanks for the heads up Dave. I’m thinking about painting one olive drab and slapping on some stars and us army insignia for a nice military fuel truck.  Any word on the specific release date or are these at hobby lobby right now?

I seen where there going to re lease this as a Army tanker also with a gift set if I find the pic i will post it 

paul 2 posted:

Mark, even though I have  Hobby Lobby not far from me I took AMCDAVES's advice and ordered on line. I ordered three of the kits..............Paul 2

While getting a kit at HL is easy....ordering direct does a few good things for us. 

1. You will get it quicker as Atlantis runs the kits and ships same week.

2. Going direct means a bigger profit margin for Atlantis and thus funding running other 1/48 kits they Ford pick up with motorcycle cop, Bekins van lines etc. 


Scale trucking company decal sources,,  

I looked at the website and it says preorder.  has anyone gotten a kit yet?  Glad they are NOT doing Mobilgas again.  Sinclair is great and I did a custom Gulf with Graphics on Demand lettering.


I work for a LHS.  I've ordered the kit through one of our several distributors that carry Atlantis kits.  If you have an LHS, they can usually quickly check their own distributors' offerings.  Depending on the volume of business an LHS has with a distributor, that can often eliminate the shipping costs (!) associated with direct personal orders.  A personal choice, of course.

Further, while accepting orders, the projected date of release/ship from the particular distributor was not confirmed.  My guess is that the project is good-to-go.  The Revell dies that they purchased were deemed usable, a contract has been agreed to for the Sinclair decals, but bringing it all together for manufacturing, packaging, shipping, distribution is not something they're ready to commit to dates.

Be patient......

BTW, our manager of Static Models sez his understanding of Atlantis' re-release efforts is a result of their purchase of a group of Revell dies, not all of which were usable.  This White/Tanker 1:48 set apparently passed muster and is among the few being reissued but with their own changes.....such as decals.  

I agree with the Sinclair enthusiasm.  It brings back a lot of neighborhood memories, and will be a welcome addition to a lot of our customers' 1:48 layouts!


Atlantis has been in the plastic kit business for many years. After the bankruptcy that included Revell Models was settled the tooling that was stored in ILL was offered for sale. It was a natural fit for Atlantis. Only vintage tooling stored in ILL was offered. Modern tooling in China was kept by Revell. Vintage tooling included Revell, Monogram, Renwal and other old tools. 

Tooling was in decent shape as some of it had been run in the last 10 years under the Revell 'Selected Subjects' program. Some of the tooling in storage was sold to Salvinos Model of So Cal. My understanding is it was all the NASCAR tooling from 1983 up through early 1990's when tooling was done in China. 

Minor repair and cleaning needs to be done on all tooling after it's idle for years. Salvinos had to tool new tires for the NASCAR kits as that was missing. 

Bottom line is if there is support for vintage kits Atlantis will continue to restore vintage tooling and run kits. More than you ever wanted to know about this stuff.......but I have worked in the plastic kit hobby since the 1980's so important to me!! 

paul 2 posted:

Mark, even though I have  Hobby Lobby not far from me I took AMCDAVES's advice and ordered on line. I ordered three of the kits..............Paul 2

I followed sage advice, Paul and Dave, and ordered a kit from Atlantis. 

Paul, Now we will be cracking the whip on each other to get them built.    Is one of those kits you bought for Bryan? 

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