We are working with MTH and Atlas on up to 16 new special run cars.  We will be announcing them as we are able to lock in the production with the manufacturers.

The first 4 cars from MTH are Special runs of the Premier.64' open vestibule wood side coaches.  If u haven't seen these cars, they are just gorgeous. and are very highly detailed. 

The cars will all be pullman green, with black roofs.  Lettering is dulux gold.   We will be having these done in a painted but unlettered version, Raritan River, NYO&W, and Rock Island.  They will available in 3 rail AND 2 RAIL. Quantities are VERY LIMITED. Im not kidding.

These cars were mostly built in the 1890's in real life.  Many were upgraded to steel underframes, and some survived in Railroad Mof W service until the 1970's !!   There are a few left today in tourist RR operations, and in museums.


Also the Atlas O LNE 2 bay USRA hopper cars and the GATX (plain black) 8000 gallon tank cars are in the pipeline.

I'm hoping to announce another dozen new PDT exclusive items within a month. MTH items we are expecting in 6 to 9 months Atlas items 6 to 12 months.  Im expecting everything we do will be available in 2 rail as well as 3 rail....

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Oh wow! Raritan River! I am definitely down for that. Will there be two separate sets as MTH has done in the past or some different arrangement? 


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