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Joe,  My biggest regret is having limited storage or staging tracks.  There are business tracks, sidings, yard tracks & station tracks but I sure could use some more storage / staging tracks.  Seems like there is never enough on rail storage.

I have been playing with the track plan and did add another passing siding. I have also found another location where I could easily add a siding in the future. So I am making some minor tweaks.

Made some minor tweaks to the tack plan. I was able to add another passing siding. I also found a location where I can add another passing siding in the future if I choose to.

I also started on working on designing the benchwork framing utilizing the L-girder method. Here are some preliminary plans.

PDFs are attached below for better viewing of the plans.


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Joe, this looks fantastic!! If you ever decide to connect the 2 standard gauge loops, the switches made by Ross are the way to go. They're a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. Their operation is virtually flawless.

The only thing that sticks out at me is there are no reversing loops. Beyond that, it looks great.


Hey Joe, just catching up on this thread

Fantastic room. Great railroadiana collection (how did you get the CNJ Manville sign!)

Also - you need more standard gauge trains to fill those shelves! (I'm biased here, although I have O and SG layouts. )

Something to consider about layouts - the way you have the dog bones overlapping may obscure sight lines to each layout and access.

Remedies are to overlap completely and move the O gauge up at least a foot or more above the SG layout. Or just move the two layouts further apart in height and leave as is. Think about the views walking around. Having been in multiple scales in the past, the lessons learned on layout design: make aisles wide enough - train guys become fat guys and you need enough space for 2 to pass. If you have walk around throttles for O, that SG dog leg between the two O dog legs will just get in the way when running an O train from end to end. You'll want to walk with your train, and constantly walking way out and back will become tedious.

And if you can squeeze it in, attempt 72 and 87 curves on the SG - can run longer trains when you get more!

Jim Waterman

@NJCJOE posted:

5/2/21 - Well, I got about 99% of the railroadiana displayed in the new train room. There are still a few items I haven't found yet. They may be in the toy train boxes. And I'm sure as time goes on I will do some rearranging but for now it's set up. Have some small odds and ends to finish up then will start focusing on the layout design again. I hope to get my shelving at October York so I can at least get my trains on display and then this winter possibly start the layout.


Uhmmmm. . . WOW!!!!! And you still have a ton of space for a layout!!! I can only wish!!! To be honest, I'm kinda at a loss for words! LOL!!

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