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Trying to hook up a No.022 controller to a regular 6-5121 remote switch. I can get the switch to operate with the controller but both lights remain lit. I like the concept of on/off lights as some of my switches are hidden from my view. Am I doing something wrong or is it not possible to use this controller with this switch. Thanks for any help on this problem.....

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Thanks to everyone who responded . I will recheck my wiring to make sure  center lead goes to both the switch and controler.

@CSXJOE posted:

You need controller 1112C.  022C controllers will not operate 027 switches properly.


Thanks for your reply. I cannot find 1112c controller you said I need to make this work. Is this number correct???

@ADCX Rob posted:

Normal operation with this combination.

The bulbs draw enough current through the switch machine coils to illuminate. If the resistance is too low, it will cause the swivel rail to creep(throwing the lever on the controller brings the resistance down to zero, throwing the switch).

Thanks Rob always you always come through. Just to make sure the No 022 controller will work with this switch????

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