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Thank You leavingtracks.


I already started train running early this morning. I wish you and your Family a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving and all the OGR Staff.


i now am returning to run trains again and yes retirement has its perks we play 24x7.

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Happy Thanksgiving to the entire staff at OGR. Thank you for making this Forum available to all of us.


And to you and Lakeeta, hope you have a wonderful day. We are in the process of getting hammered with 14" of snow. Glad we don't have to travel.

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A Happy and Joyous Thanksgiving to the OGR staff and all of the OGR Forum Universe.  Enjoy the food, your families, friends and all the trains we have!  


I'm going outside in a few to shovel the wet snow so I can get out of the driveway tomorrow to get to our daughter's house.  My wife is making the stuffing and you can smell it through the house!  I love the holiday season!!


And remember, it's ok to eat as much as you want on Thanksgiving!!  Gobble Gobble!! 

Thanks Alan for the Holiday well-wishes.


Truth be told... many of us here have a LOT to be thankful for -- simply by being here and having the good graces to enjoy this fine hobby in good health with family, extended family and friends.  The world can be a pretty harsh place nowadays, but this little corner of the world helps makes the toy-train worlds we create very special.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!! 



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