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Alan ,I have a headlight housing with 2 seperate clear lenses with one LED behind them mounted on a bracket.  The light it gives off is poor.

I have removed a plastic lens and bracket on a single headlight and placed the LED  ( OEM ) in place of the lens with great results on a different RK ps3.

Not sure what splicing would look like when you say it should be in series.  ( limited knowledge on my part ). Sorry 😶

Thanks for the reply.

I insalled the LEDs for marker lights  that I had from scavenged headlights  for my ps3 RKs and one Premier ps3 that didn't come with marker lights..   I used Tamiya red and green glaze to color them.    I did them in parallel by splicing into existing number board lighting.

I had a different kind of LED lighting that I used track power for but since I didn't want to use power when the engines were not started up , I decided to use the parallel splicing to have the engine's marker lights come on just like the Premier engines do only when they are started up.🙂

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