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chatam sqThis is a great pic  The Third ave and Second Ave El's met here  That is a Forney steam engine pulling the coaches


Third ave El

10993389_606731266094544_4361320812137719150_nthird 3-23

Interior of a Blue Bird

blue bird interior

Brooklyn El construction

ind 4th ave

Connecting the culver




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You really come up with some great photos.


The first one is at Chatham Square before the rebuild with the flyover for the South Ferry branch. When this photo was taken, third ave trains going to and from South Ferry crossed on grade


The second Photo is at the W 23rd street Ferry Terminal. That is a NY Railways Green Line car running on the 23rd st Crosstown line. This car had the distinction of stopping in front of Madison Hardware. Service ended in 1936 when parent, 5th ave coach substituted buses for the service.


The third photo is during the great 1947 snowstorm, december 26th i think/


The Blue birds were a real modern car way ahead of their time. In the 1930's They worked on the Fulton Street line in Broolyn before the A train was built.


Not sure about the Brooklyn El photo. It almost looks like downtown Brooklyn near Sands Street.



I was thinking that the large buildings in the background were downtown brooklyn but i suppose it could look like that from about 36th street looking towards downtown. From the photos i have seen of the station and trackage at the location where the 5th ave and culver line trains split at 36th street, it could have been a substantial structure like in the picture that could have stretched between 5th and 4th ave. West end trains operated through here before being connected to the 4th ave subway. Also i guess the 36-39th street yard was located in this area as well. Think it was constructed about this time



That photo is a puzzler. I looked at it again. Two things to consider in locating the photo. It appears to be construction associated with the Dual contracts and the structure looks like its at a pont where there is a station but not with a center platform. I would say its about 1915 or so in time, about 20 years earlier than the photos you posted later. The second point is that this construction was not in a street but on private right of way and there is no existing rail line in the street that one can see. The buildings in the backround suggest it is near downtown. The Culver line in the vicinity of 36th street ran on private right of way over towards Ditmas Avenue. If its marked 4th avenue, the location doesn't seem right. Did the 3rd ave extension of the 5th ave el have any non center platforms?

Hi Ben


The new picture is South Ferry The 2nd and 3rd avenue trains are on the left while the 6th and 9th ave trains would be on the right. There was a connection between the two systems and you can see that in the foreground. Looks to me it was taken about the point in time when these lines were being electrified.Interesting to see telephone pole in Manhattan!


As for the earlier photo, the only place the Myrtle ran on Private Right of way was North of Wycoff avenue and it was two track in there with center platforms I believe. This photo shows an el structure with 3 trackways but local platforms.


Wallabout would be a pretty cool modeling subject  The Lackawanna, Erie, Pennsy, NYC, Lehigh Valley, CNJ , NYO&W, BEDT and B&O all had a presence there.  The Lackawanna owned its pier and yard but the others shared it ala a union terminal.  The Federal government claimed it in 1940 to expand the Navy Yard.  That 4001 loco looks pretty weird with that giant pantograph on top of a little engine.


I like this Ny scene too



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Here is a photo of BEDT 15 down at Wallabout Market. That is the Erie terminal in the backround. Interesting street running in Brooklyn. BEDT locomotives would be floated over from North 6th street engine terminal on the first float of the day. At the end of the day, they would return to North 6th street on the last float of the day. The Pidgeon Strret yard in Long Island city also worked this way.


wallabout bedt 15


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OK I got it from a very reliable source  Joe Frank posted these for me. it is looking SE (in direction towards Prospect Park further SE) along 10th Street from between 3rd Avenue towards 4th Avenue and the building of the sub-steelwork of the new IND 4th Avenue Station (later encased in concrete and brick) of the IND huge viaduct portion over the Gowanus Canal.  View is about 1929-30.


ind 4th ave 


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Originally Posted by CNJ 3676:

Not exactly "vintage" material but since we had a few **** Gate Bridge posts, I thought this impressive night view of CP's Holiday Train on the bridge was worthy of inclusion:





What year did this happen?


I've seen photos of CP's train, but never so much as a suggestion that it ever got near the Northeast, much less actually within NYC's boundaries.



 My old NY -


1961 dongan hills, knickerbocker class steam ferry. 

1961 dongan hills


1970 Billboard / Batwing bus - St. George  Ferry city bus terminal.

Billboard _ Batwing Er...


One of eight S2 diesels sent off Island, mid 70's due to the MTA take over. 

SIRT 9032 Off Island. ...


St. George Yard. now replaced by a baseball stadium and park.

ST GEO Last Days



Old SIRT cars, long gone.

With Screens Joe Test...


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  • 1961 dongan hills
  • Billboard _ Batwing Er...
  • SIRT 9032 Off Island. ...
  • ST GEO Last Days
  • With Screens  Joe Test...
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