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I have a few older (postwar, but not modern. Probably from the late 40’s or the 50’s) Lionel O scale engines. I’m wondering if they will work on the same track as the newer engines with the fancy remotes and Bluetooth. I know they won’t connect to Bluetooth, but will I need some thing outside the power supply and remote that comes with the new set to run them?

Thank you for letting me join. looking forward to picking up the hobby again...

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Postwar trains like postwar transformers best. Old trains and newer transformers don't mix well, the same is said for modern trains and older transformers don't mix well. Older postwar engines will growl and excessively heat as the motors don't like chopped waves of modern transformers. Also no compensation windings for postwar whistles. Using older transformers to run newer trains with electronics lose lower speed control, and the whistle and bell control is erratic at best. The older trains will run on Fastrack just fine.

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I’ve been using a Cab 1 with a Powermaster and a 180 brick for some time with no issues:  smooth acceleration and deceleration are not a problem on my pre-, post- and modern era locos — even those with start set/can motor arrangements.  Until I started using the Cab 1 and Powermaster, some of those locos would take off like jackrabbits with regular transformer controls.  (Mind you, I run everything conventionally.)

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@Owen37a posted:

Thank YOU!

I kind of wondered if there was a point where the newer engines and the older ones just wouldn't play nice together any more.

I guess I'll have to figure out how to hook up my older transformer to the Fastrack if I wan to run one of the older engines...

That's easy. Look under a piece of Fastrack and there are two metal tabs. Hot is for the center rail and there's a common on one of the outside rails. Run wires from those tabs to your power source. Lionel makes wires with .110 female connectors that attach to the tabs or you can make your own and create any wire length you want.

The Lionel wire is part 6-12053.

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