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G'day All !

I have been mulling over whether to send 30 Euros to an online resource for mainly European and French trains ?

Just wondering if anyone has actually contributed to this library or has full access to it ?

It seems rather a large database of catalogues etc and could be worth a try ?

Would love to hear others thoughts or possible other sites for European Vintage references

 @Arne @sncf231e @FRENCHTRAINS

^^^ my gurus



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Thanks Fred!

I saw that but as I only really have a few old hornby catalogues I would be guessing he has them already darn it ... Hmm I wonder if I could hunt up some on Aussie trains he might like them ? Then again its really hard to get your hands on a physical copy of them as well

I think the resource could well be worth a 30 euro spend , but I have this horrible fear it could disappear in a year or two and bye bye access lol ( I am aware its been up for the last 8 years or so )

I value your opinion highly Fred and your words put me more at ease ...

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The website of my friend Joël is a great database for original catalogs and docs. As Fred tells you it may also be free access... I have contributed to it with all the scans of my catalogs, some are not common at all...

What you can do is register all the pages on your computer and you have a permanent access.

You may also subscribe to the french forum of the CFE ( Cercle Ferroviphile Europeen ) it is free but in french only... there is a lot of nice pictures and you will meet Fred and me there, even if i do prefer the OGR one which is the best for me.

Have fun, Daniel

Thank you Daniel I will most certainly check it out , perhaps my 3rd form French lessons from far too many years ago will finally come in handy LOL!

As I said for Fred above , I also thank you for your kindness and knowledge you spread so freely here , you and many others here have really educated me about the hobby which I was very late to find ...

It is very appreciated

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Yep, that's a really great site. 

If my memory serves me, you can view a few Louis Roussy catalogs in the sample area of that site.

Here are a few places where I've had success:   - several JEP catalogs & a few others - plus great tools & modeling info with lots of photos - all in French   - most Marklin catalogs from 30's to 50's  - A few catalogs from many makers

Good luck!





For German trains there's a 1950 Liebmann catalog at  It can be hard to see; click on the small images you can see the model numbers and read the text.

Three Zeuke catalogs from the 50's are at has a few catalogs from the 50's, including a 1959 JEP catalog that I think is not on any of these other sites.



Well aware of Binns road Howard

Its one of the classics , but it often only talks about the more common examples from manufacturers , but I agree its a great one stop shop for a lot of information

Plus it also assumes you KNOW who made what , which is often the reason why I am researching say German trains after the war when 80% of them were prevented from marketing actual brands in the wake of the war ...

( or did not have actual private factories left and were operating out of workshops that survived )

And Fred @sncf231e

I could not agree more ! ... in fact I just bought a Johann Hoefler tin set which I will reveal in the Friday pics thread lol .. not O, but hey its clockwork and tin


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