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I have had this 360 PA AB set for over 20 years.  When I bought it, it had a burned out armature on one of the motors.  I eventually tracked down a replacement part and began the process of fixing the motor.  But alas the armature was just a symptom on the actual problem.  Both chassis needed new bushings.  I bought the tools to do the job and practiced on a couple of spare chassis I had.  It was a real struggle to get the axle out of the worm gear but eventually I got the chassis ready for milling.  Again, alas, my drill press was not tight or precise enough to do the job.  After checking the price to rebuild a 2 motor PA at various places I put this project aside for almost 15 years.  Last week I was perusing the bay and found a Flyonel PA set for less than the price to rebuild my existing chassis.  I bought the set and now my PAs run for the first time in 20 years.  And I have a couple of spare A units to re-paint and run as dummys with my other Flyonel sets.  A real win win win for me.



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Congratulations, Roland.  I think I am able to share in the sense of satisfaction that this sort of re-animation brings.  I had an old MARX M10000 set sitting on a display shelf for more than 30 years.  The motor was busted up, beyond repair, when I bought it at one of Ted Maurer's auctions (I know that these motors have a reputation for being bullet-proof, but this one was beyond recovering).  A year or so ago I finally found a replacement motor for sale at a reasonable price and it was wonderful (!) to behold that old train running around the track for the first time (for me, anyway).

Good job getting your PAs up and running.  And, a bonus to have some spare A units with which to experiment.


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