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The title has been edited to include "artwork."  At the time of the popularity of these "name" trains, artwork, often by the railroad as part of marketing and advertising, was done.  Artwork of the colorful passenger trains is welcome!!!


EDIT:  This thread has grown to 12 pages as of 2/27, and exploded with the inclusion of artwork.  Special THANKS go to the following for posting wonderful images (photos and artwork) in the thread:  CNJ3676, traindiesel, Erik C Lindgren, CAPPilot, Joe Littman, Marker, NYCJOE, Mill City, Pat Kn, Lazywacres, tripleo, AFTX, boin106, Forrest Jerome, Firewood, Murnane, cocoloco, and ReadingFan.  And thanks also to those who replied w/o images.


First up, UP City of Portland led by an E6:



E6 UP City of Portland 001


My personal favorite, the Northern Pacific North Coast Limited:



NP North Coast Limited 001


My favorite steam engine; the J leading the Powhatan Arrow:



J and Powhatan Arrow 001


My Southern favorite, The Crescent with an E7 leading:



E7 Crsescent


"Trains and Locomotives" recent star of the show, the Daylight:



SP Daylight 2 001


Another SP name train, the Sunset Limited with Alcos in front:



SP Sunset Limited 001


Some more Alcos, these in NYC livery:



NYC Alcos 001


And the J leading the Southern's "Tennessean":



J and Tennessean 001


These photos were from a notebook of post cards purchased at long-forgotten train shows which haven't been looked at in 10+ years until very, very recently.  Omissions of your favorite passenger train are due solely by what I had on hand.  So post some photos and/or artwork of those name passenger trains so many of us enjoy seeing and remembering.


NOTE:  Just click on the photo for a larger image.


Images (8)
  • E6 UP City of Portland 001
  • NP North Coast Limited 001
  • J and Powhatan Arrow 001
  • E7 Crsescent
  • SP Daylight 2 001
  • SP Sunset Limited 001
  • NYC Alcos 001
  • J and Tennessean 001
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The Cincinnatian is most famed for its original dedicated equipment, rebuilt in the B&O Mount Clare Shops. The design work was done by Olive Dennis, a pioneering civil engineer employed by the railroad and appointed byDaniel Willard to special position in charge of such work for passenger service.[4] Four P-7 "president" class Pacific locomotives (5301-5304) were rebuilt and shrouded as class P-7d, with roller bearings on all axles and larger six-axle tenders. Older heavyweight passenger cars were completely stripped and rebuilt asstreamliners. The livery used the blue and gray scheme designed by Otto Kuhler, which Dennis laid on the engine and tender in a pattern of horizontal stripes and angled lines From Wikipedia



Images (1)
  • The_Cincinnatian_Baltimore_and_Ohio_steam_locomotive_1956

Steam into History runs this train on the historic Northern Central Railway between New Freedom and Hanover Junction south of York, PA, about 6 miles west of Exit 4 on I-83. No 17 rolled out of [David] Kloke Locomotive Works, Elgin, IL, in May, 2013. The Reader Railroad in Arkansas built these wooden passenger cars that summer.



President Abraham Lincoln changed trains here at Hanover Junction from the main line to Sunbury to deliver his Gettysburg Address. The curve in the foreground is the remnant of the branch to Hanover and Gettysburg. No. 17 is facing New Freedom.







NewNorthCentCoach 004


Images (4)
  • YORKinSnow2
  • LEVIATHANNorthCen 010
  • LEVIATHANNorthCen 020
  • NewNorthCentCoach 004

Anyone have any good pictures of the IC City of New Orleans?  Was there more than one paint scheme?  I believe the CNO was a night train out of Chicago to NO?  It must have returned to Chicago in the daytime?  My all-time favorite train song is "The City of New Orleans" by Arlo Guthrie.



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