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Haven't posted in a while, but thought I would display some pictures of my latest adventure.  It's Plymouth 10-Ton critter that was owned by the Palmetto Brick Company in South Carolina  (they had about six of them).  They were operating with link-and-pin couplers until at least 2005!  In my world, the J&RG loved the outlines of the little critter and built one for themselves in 30" gauge instead of the 36" of the brick company.  I've been working on it for about 3 months now.  It is entirely scratchbuilt except for the NBW castings and the MV lens on the headlight.  I counted about 375 separate sheet, strip, and tubular styrene parts plus a few pieces of brass bar stock.  It sits on top of a NWSL Stanton drive.  DCC powered.







This is J&RG #17 crossing Frijoles Creek.


Here's a link to an original photo of the prototype:







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Matt,  My apologies ... I'm the one who purchased those shells from you.  I will unashamedly say that I copied as many dimensions as possible from your exquisite work.  Ultimately, I determined that the shell should be 8" narrower but I did try to hold true to the dimensions of your cab and hood.  I used a 1/25 scale truck radiator, re-caste it in resin and then cut it down to make the front.  I used your hood to guide the curvature of mine and the roofline to guide the shape of my cab.  Many thanks for your inspiration.


I agree that the Stanton needs as much weight as possible to be a good runner and I am adding in any place that I can.


You might want to know that the original cab and hood that I purchased from you are now in the hands of another modeler who is using them to create his own critter.





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