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When turning off the Railroad for the day

Do you just turn off the power supply-which in my case is the Z-4000, while the engines are still idling/running?

Then turn off the DCS REMOTE  


Do you turn off each individual engine, then turn off the DCS REMOTE?

Which I do  

I also remove the batteries from my remote.



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Everything is on power strip which is plugged into a remote control (master) button.

I control track power individually with the TIUs. I master power everything up, then I turn on power to the tracks using the variable outputs on the TIU.

I shutdown the track power after shutting down the locomotives and then hit the "OFF" on the master remote control switch for anything plugged into the wall.

I've got a wi-fi wall plug switch that's good for 10 amps. It's connected to power strip with everything plugged in. Fire up app on phone or tablet and voila.  FWIW, the wall plugs can be set to a schedule and turn off / on at specific times. Great setup and cheep on Amazon. However, I do a shutdown for any DCS engines prior to turning off the power.


When I built my layout panel I decide to find a commercial garage door switch . it handles all my power requirements and best part even though I never do you can take the key out. it really makes your guest excited if you let them turn it, on.   Everytime you turn it on it reminds you as if you are in a car and the layout comes alive with that turn.daniel


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First I shut down Lighting or accessory transformers not on the two main power strips. ( all those are on Alexa Plugs which I tell Alexa to turn off) Then I power down All engines. Next I put all transformers to Zero Volts. Next I turn off all remotes DCS and Legacy (legacy first). Next I turn off transformers. The two power strips are high dollar, grounded and have Voltage spike protection. I leave those two on. Last thing I do, which is not necessary as everything is off, is to tell Alexa to turn off train room. This catches any plugs I missed. When I walk out the power strips, Alexa and air purifier are still plugged in. And the lift gate is plugged in still, but I am thinking of moving that to an Alexa plug also.


Using Alexa to turn off power is interesting.  That is something I cannot do at the moment, at least for safety related actions.  Guess that is one area where I'm still stuck in the 20th Century.

I have two 20amp circuits and one 15amp circuit for the layout.  All go through master switches near the stairs.  All transformers are plugged into 15 amp power strips with 14AWG wire (not 16AWG).  For now on my semi-operational layout I turn on/off the power strips I'm using at the time.  When I leave, I turn off all power to the blocks with engines on them currently using SPST toggle switches (just make sure they are all down), then I turn off the power strips then the master switches.  I don't mess with all the transformers.

I have a standard 110 VAC rocker switch and and GFI outlet mounted in a standard electrical box which is flush mounted on my LH control panel.  The entire layout is protected by the GFI.  The rocker switch shuts the entire layout down except the outlet.  I use the 110 VAC for tools, battery charging, etc.  The rocker switch feeds a gang of 10 duplex outlets mounted under the table.  I plug the transformers/power supplies into the these outlets.   The rocker switch also feeds under layout lighting.  The under layout lighting is standard porcelain light fixtures.  A switch is provided to just turn off the under layout lighting.

When I shutdown the layout, I shutdown all remotes, move all transformer handles to zero voltage, turn off master layout AC and DC power and finally turn off the rocker switch.  When I turn ON the layout there is no power to the tracks, accessories or layout lighting.  Turning on the rocker switch does power the transformers/power supplies which in turn powers the turnouts and provides power to to the control panels.

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