I am working on a kit-bash of a Labelle traction motor trying to make the Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee Railroad MOW car #606.  This has been and is a challenge but also fun. I am actually thinking I will have something that can run in another couple of months. What I need is a powered and trailing truck that would work for 3 rail. I know this is heretical but that is what I am I guess. A couple of years back Jim Rivers located one and it worked just great but he hasn't been able to help me of recent.  I have thought about buying a Bowser from e-bay and cannibalizing it but I'm not sure how well that would work with the wood floor on the Labelle kit. I am posting to see if others may have been able to come up with something for this task..

Thank you for your time,606underconstruction

Jim K


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Depending on how scale you want the truck but I would consider the power truck from an MTH railking doodlebug. You can get them sporadically on da nay, cannibalize from a broken or ps1 doodlebug or possibly from MTH parts. Your trolley may look high water pants but it would run a lot better than the Bowser set up.

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