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@Mannyrock posted:

What is the currently preferred train oil and train grease for Lionel engines.

Does it depend on whether it is a post war cast iron steam locomotive, vs. a 1970s plastic bodied diesel?



Have you considered using the SEARCH feature here on the OGR Forum?  It seems there are monthly postings with questions about the "best lubricants"! Maybe even weekly.

Hey Jon,

Thanks for your Service!!!

You are certainly right about the price of new tractors.  My neighbors paid around $14,000 for a very silly looking, puny, subcompact, 21 hp Deer, with the "Estate Package" of stuff that they will never use.

I own a 35 hp John Deer, and a 24 hp Kubota. 

Each of them had less than 850 hours on them when I bought them 6 years ago.   I paid $16K for the Deer, and $5,800 for the Kubota.

Point is, never buy a brand new tractor.  Tractors are built to easily last 50,000 hours, and can be very easily repaired after that.  (In that respect, they are like the Post War Lionel Hog Locomotives.)

Find them in your neighboring farm communities on Craigslist.  Cash and carry.   Dealers are an absolute rip-off. 

As for train oil, I just happen to have a bottle of 20wt Singer synthetic sewing machine oil on the shelf.  Is that about the proper weight?

As for grease,  sounds like the Red and Tacky may be the way to go.

Thanks to everyone who responded.


@Mannyrock posted:

Geez, a great debate?  The stuff either works or it doesn't.  :-(

We don't have these debates about the proper grease to use on a $25K Tractor, whether it is a John Deere or a Kubota.

Railroaders seem to be a cantankerous bunch.  :-)

Thanks for all info.


If you get a chance, and you got a lot of time to weed through all the gazzilion threads about this subject, you’ll see what I mean......Jack said it seems like it’s weekly anymore.....


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