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Hey O-Gauge train enthusiasts,

I have a quick question about regarding built to order products.

Entire Story:

Upon hearing about the GS series being within this year’s catalog, i sprang up and dashed onto the web to find out where I could buy the GS-4. I contacted my local train store in early September, they told me to contact another seller because they don’t want to handle a “big order” like mine. They redirected me to Just Trains in which they accepted my order at first. A month passed and I just wanted to make sure they officially ordered it because they seemed a bit awkward and disorganized. I ask about my order and they tell me “Oh sorry, no you can’t place that order. You were supposed to order that back before the deadline in February.” I was a bit bummed to hear about this but I did some more research and found out that Lionel did not have an official deadline, it was only the hobby shops that placed a deadline. I go to and surprisingly, I could (and still can) pre-order the 4449 engine. I call up the support team over at, the staff was super helpful and friendly. They then proceed to tell me as long as it’s on the website and not sold out, I can order the product. Of course I placed my order along with the 10% discount code and the train is on its way (I hope).

Now my question is what is this pre-order deadline? Am I actually going to 100% be seeing this beautiful engine arriving in my mailbox or did the Lionel staff lie? I’ve been hearing everywhere the deadline has ended but Lionel support says different.

I just want to make sure since my grandson is really into this train and I don’t want to disappoint him with an empty promise.

Thank you for reading this long post,


- Lisa L

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Usually Hobby shops have order deadlines so Lionel can produce quantities without over producing. The shops send in their orders plus a few for the store inventory and Lionel produces those amounts plus what they feel they can sell on their Lionel Store online.

I suspect the Lionel Store will have your engine as long as it has been finish in production.

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