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I just acquired the #755 AF Mystic Talking Station.

It's in pretty good condition and I have it working.


I'm looking for any and all tips regarding this unit which I find most delightful.


I've noticed via Youtube that some seem to have the cardboard "extension" attached to the reproducer.

Is it necessary and does it help?  If so what would one use and how would it be attached?


The "cam" that has the "fingers".  What kind of maintenance does this mechanism require?


With respect to the motor, just basic oiling of the ends?


I like the original sound and set up of this classic, however, any tips on a little more volume?



Soo Line

Original Post

Portlines can supply the cardboard "horn" and needles that will produce different volumes if memory serves me correctly. The horn may actually increase the volume by itself. It is advisable to change needles every so often as not doing so can eventually damage the record. The cam needs only some light grease on the lobes and a dab of light oil on its shaft. The cam can be adjusted with some patience to restart the locomotive at the proper time (when the whistle sounds on the recording) if it is starting too soon or too late.

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