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Rail-fanning on The OGR Forum 🚂 Welcome: This is a new thread.

Objective, this is going to be an ongoing thread and a place where members can post their rail-fanning photos & videos. This thread will not start over. We will keep adding images and have a permanent place to share our images. As model railroaders rail-fanning is important because we have to go out and see what the real trains are doing and use this information on our layouts.

Yesterday I went Rail-fanning on the Norfolk Southern Railway at Sandusky Ohio. With a fisheye lens

1 NS Front End2 NS Front End3 NS Crossing Gate4 NS oer road

Hope to see you out rail-fanning and posting your images on “Rail-fanning on The OGR Forum”. Any day and time. 😎


Images (4)
  • 1 NS Front End
  • 2 NS Front End
  • 3 NS Crossing Gate
  • 4 NS oer road
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@Rich Melvin posted:

At the crest of Carson Hill, climbing out of Ashtabula, Ohio in 2015. The 765 is down on her knees at about 8 mph here, but she made it!


That was a great couple of days.  Waited two hours down on the 322 crossing to see 765 for the first time.

I have not seen the 765 since 2016, but I have been "bonding," with its older sister 755.

NKP 755 Summer 2021


Images (1)
  • NKP 755 Summer 2021
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On a trip down to Nashville, Tennessee, to see the Colts play the Titans, this was on the train tracks near our hotel.



I live near the Indianapolis Union Railway (part of CSX) line that goes through downtown Indianapolis, and I captured this video while waiting for the train to pass. We get a lot of autoracks come along this line.

I kinda wish that dumpster wasn't right there, but I can live with it. Some may say it adds to the grit of the railroad.


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  • MERF
Videos (1)
Autoracks Along Indianapolis Union Railway
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More happenstance than rail-fanning, but here are two Amtrak pics from this past week.

First, is from a thread I posted separately, with a tree entangled in a train pantograph about 100 yards west of the Exton, PA, station.

Amtrak catenary

The second is from the Baltimore Washington Airport rail station.  I'm guessing they must be doing work on the track servicing the platform.  These cars are used to board the train from the platform.




Images (2)
  • Amtrak catenary
  • platform

Leave it for the night crew! • May 1, 2021

Amtrak Maintenance Yard • Pontiac, Michigan

1 Maintance Crew

This is the maintenance crew chief setting up the cars for maintenance. Notice the blue light next to his right shoe. More about that later.

2 Crew on radio

The crew chief on his radio.

3 Step Stoll

Amtrak’s yellow conductor’s step stool.

4 Coachclass

Amtrak’s yellow conductor’s step stool, for coachclass.

5 Yard Vehicle

This Kubota utility vehicle is used to move supplies & crew to the coaches.

6 Blue Safty Light

This blue light was placed by the maintenance crew chief to warn the engineer & conductor that the train is in for maintenance and not to move this train.

7 Brake Shoes

A bin of used brake shoes.

8 Siemens Charger

The Siemens Charger is parked out of reach of the yard lights. I used the headlights of my F150 to light of this Midwest Locomotive.

Hope to see you out rail-fanning and posting your images on “Rail-fanning on The OGR Forum”. Any day and time. 🚂


Images (8)
  • 1 Maintance Crew
  • 2 Crew on radio
  • 3 Step Stoll
  • 4 Coachclass
  • 5 Yard Vehicle
  • 6 Blue Safty Light
  • 7 Brake Shoes
  • 8 Siemens Charger

Here’s a few shots of the N&W 611 that I’ve compiled from the last few weeks. Starting on the 25th of May, I shot the locomotive in Harrisburg, Enola, Columbia, Lancaster, and finally Strasburg over the course of roughly 5 days.

The photos are out of order, but here is a shot of NS 955 in Enola on May 26th before departing for Strasburg.


The next two shots shown are my attempt at staging our “Classic Car” (1991 Chevy S10, 32k miles) with the “queen.” Taken on May 30th.



NS 1206 and 611 preparing to depart Enola on NS 955


On Saturday, May 29th, I had gotten tickets for a hostling tour and the 11:00 excursion. The second photo is a small shot I nabbed of the loco. Anyone who attended this tour on this day would know how bad the weather started out as.


955 at Good Drive in Lancaster.


Below: The 611 prepares to depart East Strasburg on her first excursion of the season (of which I was able to ride).


NS 955 departs Enola with 611 in tow.


611 meeting 8618 after being delivered in Paradise by NS.


First excursions on May 29th.


Below is a YouTube link with some of my clips on the “chase”.

I’ll post more photos in this thread in the near future before, but I felt like this would be a good place to begin.


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  • 931981F9-6FDB-446A-B66B-A497175D5825
  • 7A01EFD3-9B6C-491D-94AD-C2760BC72F82
  • A6FFF581-80EC-43C2-B0A2-6C749CA0F3C7
  • ADB93500-163E-424E-9C74-9C6DD327FABC
  • 748EDBBA-DC9B-4990-9592-3EEFAF06274D
  • 6940AC38-28D6-4E28-93B9-D32FDFE7F98A
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Wow - this is a GREAT thread.  There is something about the trains in the snow that I really find very tranquil and relaxing.  

Regarding the picture of the caboose with the windows removed.  My guess is that the car is being used for storage.  I saw a similar caboose (i.e., no windows) in Waukegan Illinois, and asked what it was being used for, and was told it was for storage.  It was an old CNW bay window caboose.

Late 1960's steam trip on the CNR in the height of winter. Took PC/D&H to Montreal. Trip was from Montreal to Quebec City. Snow was piled high. Had mechanical trouble going into Quebec City, several hour delay. Heading back to Montreal a car drove into the side of the train, another several hour delay getting back at about 2AM. Stayed overnight and took a sleeper back to NYC.



Images (5)
  • 89140018: changing to the D&H at Albany
  • 89140001
  • 89140002
  • 89140017
  • 89140019

Last weekend was the annual Railroad Days festival in Galesburg, IL.

It was nice to be back after the show was cancelled last year.

BNSF, the main employer, had some locomotives (SD40-2 and SD9, slug) on display but unlike most of the last 10 years, it was forbidden to climb up and take photos inside the cab.

Got to see the Eastbound Southwest Chief, running 6 hours late and the westbound California Zephyr, running half an hour late within minutes of each other. Didn't get to see the westbound Southwest Chief that was delayed soon after leaving Chicago due to brake issues.

These are just my opinion,

Naveen Rajan



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  • IMG_3878
  • IMG_3879
  • IMG_3884
  • IMG_3893
  • IMG_3912
  • IMG_3915


Homewood, Illinois.  What used to be Main Line Illinois Central.  Chicago at one end and New Orleans at the other.


South Shore yards.  Chicago's southern edge from the Indiana state line for about one mile.


Along side an industry in East Chicago, Indiana.


A crossing in East Chicago, Indiana


Foreign power on CSX tracks in Hammond, Indiana.

In the Calumet Region, every day is rail fan day.  John in Lansing, ILL


Images (16)
  • DSCN7332
  • DSCN7334
  • DSCN8280
  • DSCN8281
  • DSCN8283
  • DSCN8284
  • DSCN8287
  • DSCN8291
  • DSCN8293
  • DSCN8296
  • DSCN8727
  • DSCN8729
  • DSCN8730
  • DSCN8734
  • DSCN8739
  • DSCN9841
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Pikes Peak Cog Railway - July 3, 2021

Pikes Peak Cog Raiway

My daughter just emailed me this photo of the Cog Railway on Pikes Peak, Colorado. She is from Michigan and she flew out to Denver Colorado for the 4th of July Weekend.

Her and her friends spent all day walking up to the peak and walking back down. I wish she had more photos of the Railway.

Her mother and my wife are from Ouray, Colorado. Just north of the Durango & Silverton Railroad.



Images (1)
  • Pikes Peak Cog Raiway

How about some Black River & Western action here in New Jersey? I was talking to one of the guys taking pictures(who also helped on the 5 year restoration) that they almost did not have her running for July 4th. The dedication of the crew worked through Friday into Saturday morning to get her running. When I got back from shopping yesterday morning between 8:30 and 9AM, I heard the distinct whistle from her and wanted to get pictures. I just had way too much going on and there was no way to do it. So here are some photos followed up by some videos. Enjoy.



Images (15)
  • IMG_1819
  • IMG_1823
  • IMG_1824
  • IMG_1826
  • IMG_1827
  • IMG_1828
  • IMG_1829
  • IMG_1830
  • IMG_1831
  • IMG_1833
  • IMG_1834
  • IMG_1835
  • IMG_1836
  • IMG_1837
  • IMG_1838

Silverton and Durango CO. On the Durango and Silverton RR. July 2019.35EB8065-10A9-4BEF-B079-BF1297DC8BE2275D8F95-3A0C-485D-B2FD-1EC24F899CB5F4BA1ABD-2513-4B09-86C9-931BF53EE30C9C049D97-A98A-4F94-AD0F-79C1EE70E0F37D45E3D6-25E4-4E1F-A69A-41E9EFE9DCB995B0C4E9-1E0E-48EC-A7EA-4765E20A14EFA6C57897-B859-41A6-85B3-66647D96931B


Images (7)
  • 35EB8065-10A9-4BEF-B079-BF1297DC8BE2
  • 275D8F95-3A0C-485D-B2FD-1EC24F899CB5
  • F4BA1ABD-2513-4B09-86C9-931BF53EE30C
  • 9C049D97-A98A-4F94-AD0F-79C1EE70E0F3
  • 7D45E3D6-25E4-4E1F-A69A-41E9EFE9DCB9
  • 95B0C4E9-1E0E-48EC-A7EA-4765E20A14EF