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@feet posted:

... I have no idea what it's purpose is unless you want to hide the ads which I don't want to do.

I repeat ... the red banner is NOT coming from this forum.  It is being inserted into the top of your screen by your web browser, due to the security or ad blocking settings you have set in your web browser.

The image I posted earlier came from my Ipad. Here's what my computer sees:

No red banner...


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Hi all,

Having compared my screen view (using a Chrome derivative browser), Rich's posted view, and GregM's posted view, it looks like the only thing the "red" banner blocks is the darker blue single line which starts with a link to the OGR Forum Topics and ends with a link to each individual member's profile.  Since each forum page has some adverts, not sure why only this line is blocked, but it obviously can't be forum software or we would all be seeing the "red" banner.


I don't know what has changed, but as can clearly be seen in my screen shots, all the sponsors ads are visible.  This banner was not present before yesterday.  This iPad is so old it hasn't been possible to upgrade the software for a long time. What is covered up by the red banner is the menu and I can no longer access the search function on this iPad.  I cleared all the browser data to see if that would get rid of the banner, no such luck.  Was able to sign back in by first hitting the Post button.



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Thank you for your replies.  If the issue is a " or ad blocking settings you have set in your web browser", then its surprising because this issue seems to only be occurring on the OGR Crowdstack pages.  In W10 Edge, I only block third-party cookies and have no specific ad block setting or app/software.  Perhaps Crowdstack has changed a setting that now impacts users who block third-party cookies?  If so, what new type of ads or tracking algorithms are "our settings" now reacting to here and nowhere else?  Again, it has not been a previous problem on OGR and browser settings react to a outside stimulus. 

10 of the 16 posters here all see the same problem starting yesterday.  Given that their variety of systems and browser settings have been in place before this occurrence, and the problem did not exist on OGR pages previously with these settings, the explanation would seem like the other six are using more permissive settings which don't react to this new stimulus from the Crowdstack engine.  




@RidgeRunner posted:
...  Perhaps Crowdstack has changed a setting that now impacts users who block third-party cookies?  ...


I did not get any emails to the effect that a code change was made, but I submitted a tech support question to them about this. We'll see.

I also block 3rd party cookies in all my browsers, and I don't see the banner.

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An update today from Crowdstack:

I wanted to follow-up to let you know that we've identified a case where the "Skip to main content" was appearing in some older browsers. We've addressed that issue now and have also changed the banner so that it will no longer overlay on top of content. Instead, when the banner appears, it will appear statically above the content of your page.

Maybe some of you have not updated your browsers lately? 

I removed the custom CSS that was hiding this. We'll see what happens.

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