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I have a 4 bulb Marx floodlight tower with no visible wires except on the back of the lamp holders.  The power comes up through a tube in the middle and connects to two copper strips , each one going to two of the lights.  The light on one side work, the other side is dark.  However, if I almost lay the tower down, the non working lights come on.

I do not have any instructions, but the wiring is simple.  There are just two connections on the base, one power and one ground.

I am pretty certain the problem is with the copper strips which go to the lamps, but I do not know how to fix.  Any suggestions appreciated.


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Just a thought, if you're not concerned with keeping it original, I acquired one of these towers with no wires attached. I fitted the tower with 10mm LEDs, it looks much like the original but now draws much less amps and likely will never need a bulb replacement. There is a write-up on the conversion in the NASG Dispatch.


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