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Hello all 

Has anyone heard of Samuel Shaw and his passenger cars ?   Shaw was a contemporary of Alexander , Egolf, and Icken building  model trains in the early 30's.   Shaw was unique in offering  standard Gauge   cars ..and 1/2" scale  and later O gauge.  Construction is typical of the O scale passenger cars with sheet metal sides  and metal wrapped roof ... truck construction just like O scale but on steroids. 

Shaw advertised in the Model Maker 1931-1934  and displayed some of his cars at a Philadelphia show . Please see ads and photos of car.

Car is huge 31" long  ... shown with a mini-scale  17/64ths  O gauge car   22" long 


also compare with   Liberty Lines State car  21 1/2" long ...and  long Randall car ...27 1/2"  vestibule to vestibule.

Would be nice to know what Shaw was pulling these with .

Thank you for your help

Cheers Carey

Shaw Modelmaker Dec 1931Shaw Modelmaker Jan 1932IMG_1799IMG_1800IMG_1802IMG_2277IMG_2275IMG_2279IMG_2280IMG_2281 




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  • Shaw    Modelmaker Dec 1931
  • Shaw    Modelmaker Jan 1932
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  • IMG_1802
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Hello all 

In 1934 first year of Model Railroader ..Standard Gauge is given proper listing as a gauge with two scales   3/8" ( which is really closer to  1 gauge ) and 7 /16ths  ....people   were modeling in Standard Gauge ..there was a small market ...  Shaw was for real .. no one off here .. 

see listing for Standard gauge from MR 1934 


Cheers Carey IMG_2332


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  • IMG_2332

One would expect more of these in circulation since these were likely sold as scale models rather than toys, and presumably would have been afforded better care and preservation. Rather puzzling, especially in light of the TCA Library having no records of this builder. Maybe time to submit this conundrum to John Newbraugh for his TCA Quarterly column?

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