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I just bought a 437 that someone began--and then abandoned--a restoration of.  The building is almost completely disassembled, and a poor previous paint job has been primered over.  

Until I actually have the tower in hand, I don't know my exact approach, but I suspect it will begin with a clean strip.  This process will leave me with options as to the new paint scheme.  I would like to duplicate an original paint scheme, but I don't know which one I'd like to use.

So please show me some pics of your 437s.  I'd like to survey a variety before settling on a choice.

Thanks muchly in advance!

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Thank you!!

Let's see:  that roof is Peacock, and the windows frames are orange, I think.  The door is red (too bright for maroon?), the base Mojave, the lower walls Terra cotta.  Are the upper walls cream or yellow?  I think the middle floor/cornice is ivory.

I especially appreciate the photo of the label on the bottom, which my piece lacks.

OK, this is interesting.  It arrived today, and there are a couple curious colors here.  What's left of the upper walls paint (inside) looks much darker and more yellowish brown, sort of like a mustard color.  Did Lionel use something like that?


The windows were apparently peacock and the roof pea green.  the base was Mojave, and the lower walls were Terr Cotta, so they matched what I expected.  there is just a hint of ivory (or maybe cream:  too little left to get a good idea) left on the upper floor/cornice.

  The door and the round part Under the bay window were apparently maroon.  (Riddle uses the term "vermilion in one of his descriptions, but no pic.)


So I think I will try to come close to the original scheme.

I am not going to try to take it any further apart.  I can feel how delicate the tabs are already.  Reassembly concerns me.

I will try to finish the exterior stripping mechanically with a wire wheel in a dremel.

It came with the knife switch panel and all 6 switches as well as a pair of switch controllers and the necessary screws.


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The later version with the orange roof w/ cream sides is a rare bird I think. Didn't one in the OB just sell for big money at a recent auction?

As an aside, the early versions had the knife switches mounted to a block of painted wood whereas the later ones used what looked like fiber board of some kind. The fiber board is often warped.

Edit: Here's the auction result...


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Wow.  Just wow.  That is a beautiful piece but so far out of my league, I closed down the window lest I somehow get it dirty or scratch it by looking at it.

And the thing is, I briefly considered duplicating the paint scheme, but I don't think it looks as good as the two-color ones. 

Well, I sure appreciate ALL the posts so far.  Keep posting anything of interest.  It will be a couple more days before I can shop for paints!

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