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@Ron_S posted:

When were the sound commanders offered?  This is the first I have heard of one. Thanks.

Are these the early sound boards like for the beep and NW2?

Sound commanders were the initial sound systems offered by ERR before they got the permission to use Railsounds. The sound files came from a third party, that I do not remember. Some name like green frog comes to mind, but it has been 14 years since I worked there. Sounds were artificially created, rather than being recordings of actual locomotives.

Rudy might know, or they may have been offered before his time at ERR.

I told Jon at the time that the sound commander was not rich in audio quality. A few years later, ERR started offering Lionel railsounds and called it railsounds commander.

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@RoyBoy  Thanks for that info Roy.  I went through my pile of ERR pouches, and found a Beep 2.0 and NW2 commander kit.  They are quite a small footprint.

They were included in a lot of ERR items I recently bought and I didn't pay attention to them, no beep or NW or similar switchers.

It is interesting to learn about the early offerings, and I really like the RS4, by having the ability to put any RS4 board on it, it is very universal.

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