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*** Title and post edited to reflect the correct "STL" file type. ***

Does anyone here "know a guy" who can transform a set of old-style mechanical drawings (front, side, top views and an angled 3D view) with dimensions into an STL file so that an object can be 3D printed?  The object I want to make is a detail part for some PRR Diesel locomotives.  It is a junction box that was part of the Trainphone system.  Below is a photo of one of the the boxes on an RS-3.

The basic box is 0.5" long by 0.2" tall by 0.2" deep with some fixtures and clamps added.

I am willing to pay for this service.  Thanks for any help.

prototype box


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  • prototype box
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Bob,  I'm not sure what you mean by transform into an SQL file?  SQL (often pronounced as 'Sequel') is a programming language (code) used to create a database... There are many database programs that use SQL as their language.

I'm pretty sure that your drawings could be used to make an .stl file (for 3D printing)... and, if you have a set of decent photographs (of the drawings) that would certainly help.

I can put your drawings/photos (digital copies) in the repository if you want to email them to me.  That way, your drawings/photos would be available for OGR members to view (prior to making a commitment) and maybe one of them will decide to take on the project.  There are quite a few engineers/draftsman/mechanics/machinist who are members of OGR who use the Repository.

Thank you!  For developing another use for the Repository...


Update:  Folder "00 Requests to Create" is now in the Repository (sub-folders will be created for individual projects).

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@Bob posted:

Dennis, SQL was a typo on my part.  Of course I meant STL and I've edited the title and first post to reflect this.  I'll finish up the drawings and send you an e-mail.  Thanks.

Bob,  That's Fantastic!  I'm pleased that you will have the first 'Request to Create' file in the Repository.

The typo seems to have created a benefit... now, more folks will have some understanding of what the heck SQL is. I wish I made more typos rather than full blown mistakes (father time is having his way with me).



Yo Bill!  That's awesome... and, a contributor too boot!  There have been other 'requests to create' and my sense is  that Repository Contributors, Supporting Members and Digital Subscribers should have the first go at this (*this* is not in any way... to the exclusion of others).

We all want OGR to succeed and flourish... it would be nice if we could help in some small way to improve these numbers... Current Visitors: 502 (119 members, 399 guests).

Thanks Bill!


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