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I just took delivery of a P3 Santa Fe E-8 diesel from a reputable dealer. 20-21257-1. I set it on the track and pressed my "READ" button on my handheld and slot 1 came up with a PRR Q-2 steam loco. Just for the heck of it I hit the "STARTUP" button and  the E-8  started up. I scrolled the thumbwheel and it started to run in forward with the thumbwheel. I totally expected to see "ENGINE NOT ON TRACK" as this new loco had not been added to my DCS system yet. Why did it take slot 1 that has my Q-2 in that spot?  Next, I went through the procedure of adding this E-8 to my system (MENU, SYSTEM, ADD ENGINE, ADD MTH ENGINE ). At this point in time the E-8 took slot 2 and did say SF E-8 #85  (which is correct). Since slot 2 is the new address for this E-8, I went back to my handwritten engine list and discovered that slot 2 had a NYC jade green E-8 lashup that I built a long time ago. Since slot 2 had something in it why did the SF E-8 take that slot?  Stay tuned it gets better. Look at my pics thatb show my soft keys that have Coors silver bullet train menu items and pantograph items. This cant be correct. Why are those items there? E-8's dont have pantographs or Coors bullet train doors that open and close? Is this loco defective and have to be sent back to the dealer for a refund?  SAny help is appreciatedDSCF5132DSCF5133DSCF5134DSCF5135DSCF5136DSCF5137


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@GGG posted:

Possible because it had the same address as one of your other engines.  Adding an engine by read, is not the best way to do it.

I would put it on a track with no other engines and then do an ADD MTH engine.  See what comes up.  G

GGG, thank you for the reply. I wasn't trying to load the engine with the "READ" button. (Can you even do that?)  I just wanted to see "NO ACTIVE ENGINES" in the display. Never expected to see my PRR Q-2 come up on the display. That Q-2 is not even in the same room. The new E-8 was the only engine on the layout. I did do the ADD MTH ENGINE procedure  and still got the goofy panto and Coors door open and door close soft keys, Another  forum member texted me to tell me to do a feature reset after deleting the loco from DCS, So in the end............I deleted the loco from DCS then did the ADD MTH Engine procedure and all the proper soft keys came up and the goofy panto and Coors soft keys dissapeared. Everything seems fine now. Am pleased but am curious how an E-8 would have panto and Coors beer Soft keys. Thank you GGG and Vinny

The address was the same as Your Q-2 and associated with your TIU #, so it added the E-8 as if it was the Q-2.  Sometimes with weak DCS you can get weird softkeys.

It is correct after something like this to delete the engine from remote (Q-2) than do an add of the E-8.  You also will need to readd your Q-2 which may now get assigned a different #.

Lot of DCS users say Never press the read button.  G

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