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I tried the same thoughts about avoiding a duck-under but trying to have a reachable table width with two STD dog bones at each end just eats up too much real estate to allow any space for O gauge tracks in the middle and still have some scenery space.  I ended up having one section of pure tinplate village of about 5'x8' with the fun tinplate buildings and 42" / 57" curves with switches, etc. 

Then from that, the longer outside 72" loop around O gauge tracks is manageable with a duck under (hinged to lift up).  Great modular sections by Sievers was base with plywood and Homasote for noise reduction.  Two loops of O gauge can fit in the middle of STD gauge with some room for spurs.

I think you will be sorry by trying to cram all the O gauge track in the middle of smaller STD gauge loops.  too much compromise.  




Images (3)
  • IMG_20200202_183313338: Modules going in.
  • IMG_20200415_132758607: Tinplate village
  • IMG_20200519_222041797: Duck under with outside STD loop and two O gauge in middle

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