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Good Morning Everyone,

I will start off with something I constructed in the past. I constructed these tanks for forum member Jeff James as an additional to his oil facility. It was a very enjoyable project. Thank you Jeff.

Let's see what you have been working on.20211113_06551820211113_07005820211113_07011220211108_17524620211108_175505


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Finishing up the small building.

The freight dock and awning.....


Final weathering with oil-based black and turpenoid.....


Then, I built a Korber REA sign kit......and, done! I figure to place it between the passenger station and the icing station on the layout.


Have a safe and great Sunday, everyone. That finishes the current building frenzy. I'm taking a break at least for a month or so. My 70th birthday is Wednesday and my kids are coming down for a few days......and, there are lots of commitments coming up, including the TCA National Convention. Since I'm on the committee for the 2024 convention hosted by the Eastern and Keystone Divisions in Lancaster next June, I'll be helping to promote the 2024 Convention while the 2023 Convention is going on in Burlington, VT.

As a coming attraction, these are some of the kits that are unbuilt and will be done in the future....




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@Seth Thomas posted:

Peter did you add the awning and solid platform to your REA ?  
I like this better than mine…


The awning and the loading platform came with the Korber kit.....this is another old one, likely from the 90s. The REA sign is a separate sale Korber kit which is available now.


This is how the REA kit is package. Mr Muffin has a whole line of really easy-to-build wooden roof top signs.


Here is the construction picture......assemble the frame. Paint both the letters and frame. Glue on the letters.




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A lot of great modeling here today. From the oil related models to the industrial centers.

Peter, Happy Birthday and the building looks great. It also looks like you have a lot of fun ahead of you.

Sirt, the details really make everything come alive. You have a great eye for detail. I can definitely see Don Smith inspiration.


SIRT, that building looks incredible! Where did you get it? Is it kit-bashed or scratch built?

All buildings were custom built back in the mid 2000’s but remained in storage until now. Lots of lauan, MDF and factory windows acquired from Rusty Stumps -


Two were Walthers fronts, now sold by Atlas O.

Inspired by Don Smith, Industrial Models -

Also - Brett Whelan, proto 48 buildings.

I don’t have the same guidance, space or resources that these fine modelers have been exposed to, but I do my best with 3R.


More here 2008 build -




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Experimenting with new fangled methods.

Modular tip up office building. All 3D printed. Takes a while to print, but slams together in minutes once you have the parts.  Still printing more. A pair of walls takes ~12-13 hrs to print. A bunch of columns takes about 10.
Minimal sanding. It’s concrete, so I don’t feel like it’s gotta be perfectly smooth without the print lines. Also, with the lights in the basement I can get away with a bit.

With a bit of color changing this could pass for one of those Holiday Inn Express type hotels too, and without windows, probably a parking garage.


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Todays showcase is just too much for me to take in. From Peter constructing his Korber buildings to Steve breaking his incredible buildings out of storage and getting on the new layout to Boilermaker1 3D printing new creations. I cannot forget  Anthony who is following in my footsteps building tanks from styrene sheets.
Thank you gentlemen for giving the forum a great showcase this week.

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