#SwitcherSaturday Time!!!!


Lots of us out there love switchers (shifters, docksiders, yard goats, etc.), so lets keep #SwitcherSaturday (a.k.a. SWSAT) rolling!


Last week we had a homework assignment, which some folks did better than others! The funny part is that I fall into the "not as good as others" group I think! Take a peek here!


Today at the Murnane house we a B&O Plymouth on switching duty, shifting around a C&O caboose (B&O/C&O is like tomatoe/tomato, right?)!









I couldn't find a good "real" picture of a B&O Plymouth, but I found this "real" picture of a plymouth that has similar lamps and features (website: blackdiamondhistory.wordpress.com).








I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, if you get a chance, please post some pictures or video of your favorite switchers!


Best...Rich Murnane

p.s. Miss the post on Saturday? NO BIG DEAL, just keep posting pictures of your favorites until the next #SwitcherSaturday
p.s.s. If you have ideas for future "homework" assignments for the SwitcherSaturday team, send me a note and we'll see about getting it going!

p.s.s.s.  Please say a prayer for France today


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Central Railroad of New Jersey Baldwin VO1000 1062 is seen here with the Jersey City service train. The 1062 was delivered to the CNJ in April 1944. It and sister unit 1043 were the only CNJ VO1000s to feature curved trim on the battery box cover and at the corners of the steps as Baldwin eliminated this styling in favor of simplified angles before the balance of the CNJ VO1000s were built. The 1062 is pictured in the paint scheme which debuted on switchers in 1950. The locomotive was built by Weaver and the box car in service train livery is an Atlas model.




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Hi Bob (CNJ 3676):  I think you are starting to make me a fan of New Jersey!


Rusty:  Sometimes it's actually hard to be clever every week, isn't it?  I love the 44 tonner picture!


Mike:  Your construction zone looks awesome and your #31 seems like it's doing a great job "taking care of business!".


Tom (MNCW):  I promise to get back to steam next week!  


Have a great Saturday guys!

Running full production capacity in the Iron producing dept.At Arcelor Mittal Cleveland this morning.Can't wait to drink a few beers and cash my check after work.Nick



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Raritan River #3 pulling a Morristown & Erie box car off the interchange a bright Saturday morning...






Making up for last week's 'homework'....




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Yay! Another SW Sat has rolled around!

Great pictures already so far. Since I moved three months ago I have lost my tiny layout. I am in a bit of layout withdrawal Soon I hope to start a new one. So as of now I have no pictures of my own switchers so I am posting prototype pictures.


This week I am posting pics of a pair of Amtrak GE 80 Tonner switchers. I think they look realy sharp in the current paint scheme. It is interesting to spot the few differences (like the number fonts) between the pair.










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Rich, not pick to pick nits but the caboose in your first post is Western Maryland not C&O.

I do love those K-Line Plymouths. I still think they are really cool small units with great detail for the $$.


Not a switcher but an image of one of the cars from the Merci Train. A 50 some car train donated a car to each state and after WW2 from a grateful France seemed appropriate for today.


Here is Maine's car from the Merci Train Website.



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Originally Posted by Murnane:


Mike:  Your construction zone looks awesome and your #31 seems like it's doing a great job "taking care of business!".



Thanks.  These guys have been working on this downtown area for about 6 or 7 years now! Nothing ever gets done.  (I think they might work for NJDOT)  I think they're spending half their time in that McDonald's behind them!  


Love this thread.  Look forward to seeing it every Sat.

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That American Flyer 0-6-0 has very good lines.  Good thing it is not mine; it would get 2-railed in a heartbeat, with footplates.  Probably destroy its antique value, but not its charm.

Found this brass custom painted Weaver tender today at Allentown for $50.00...its a orphan with no loco.Its supposed to have USRA 0-6-0 in front of it.I bought for maybe a future project.When I took the shell off I saw there was still a directional unit in it so I took a chance and hooked it to a old Williams B6 that I haven't used in over twenty years and it ran !!! Its a mish mosh but it works !




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Finally figured out how to add TMCC engines to DCS, so I was able to run a donated K-Line A5s on the club layout to replace our (increasing problematic) Montour SW9. 




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WOW, what a week!  It started off as a pretty slow morning for SwitcherSaturday, then I go off to the Navy football game and wham-o, you guys post a ton of great pictures, videos, and comments!


Tom (MNCW):  Did you post a picture of non-Steam?  huh??? :-)


rockstars1989:  Great picture!  I hope the team enjoyed their beer post-shift!


DaveP:  No worries on being late with the homework this time, but next time you might get detention! :-)


MOPAC:  This might be the first flyer to join SwitcherSaturday, that switcher looks awesome!


CBS072:  Great pictures, I always like pictures taken from that angle!


SilverLake:  The Amtrak 80 tonners look like beasts!  We're all looking forward to seeing what you come up with for your next layout!

Also, thanks for pointing out the Western Maryland thing, I'm still a bit of a newbie (aka knucklehead  aka moron) that I really did think Chessie = "Chesapeake & Ohio".  However I now know (according to the all knowing WikiPedia) that:

Chessie = "Chesapeake & Ohio" + "Baltimore & Ohio" + "Western Maryland" + several smaller carriers 

And the fact that my caboose is marked with WM I now know it would have been one of the Western Maryland cabooses of Chessie.  So, had you not nitpicked I likely wouldn't have learned all this for a long time, so thanks!

Also, the French car is pretty cool, apparently there is one in the B&O museum in Baltimore, so next I go I'll take some pics and post.


mike.caruso:  Hey Mike, someone needs to crack the whip on those construction zone guys!


bob2:  That Flyer really is nice, agreed agreed agreed...


taycotrains:  That seems like a very good buy at $50, it's going to look nice on those fancy shelves I see in the background of that picture!  Your layout looks impressive from this angle, I'm going to have to search around to see any other pictures you might have posted over the years of it.


Bill T:  that's a sharp looking vulcan you have there!   Great picture!


Steamer:  These pictures you post each week are incredible, it's almost like you're sharing our heritage with us each week, very very cool!


Mike CT:  I need to go do some trainspotting one of these weekends, mine is going to be called SwitcherSpotting though!


joeyA:  Late homework is better than no homework for sure!  :-)


Mark Boyce:  WOW, that #315 looks great!!!  Congrats on the new arrival!  B/T/W, I love that little green Frankenstein guy you have in your layout!  I like the whole layout, but that little green guy gives is an extra touch!


trumptrain:  "Maryland in the House"!!!   That Canton switcher paint scheme is awesome!  Great picture!


pittsburghrailfan:  It looks like you guys have fun at that club!  I have one of those K-Line A5's and I like it very much, except for some reason the tender pops off once in a while around my switches, something I need to look at.


Again what a great week!  I bet we hear back from "Laming" at some point, showing off those fancy little switchers he picked up and posted about in last week's SWSat.  


If anyone else out there wants to join in the fun, feel free to keep posting on this thread until next Saturday!  I usually have this thing rolling by 8 or 9 am eastern time each week, and if I don't wake up or post by 9am for some reason one of the other "regulars" can pick up the torch and start the thread.


All the best and enjoy the rest of your weekend...Rich Murnane







A yard goat, 0-8-0 and a K-Line Pensy 0-6-0 doing some switching at the grain elevator.  Click on the triangle to access a video.

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Originally Posted by Mike CT:

A yard goat, 0-8-0 and a K-Line Pensy 0-6-0 doing some switching at the grain elevator.  Click on the triangle to access a video. 

^^^^^ Love it!  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Thank you.  I really like it.

Frankenstine is left over from a bunch of characters my wife and daughter put on the layout from time to time when I wasn't there.  They got all of them from the thrift store.  They move around and I never know who or where one will turn up.  Lots of fun for all.



Originally Posted by ogaugetrains23:

The Canton Railroad hosted the n-scale club, BANTRAK, which I belonged to. These were taken around 2004 I think.


That looks like a lot of fun. The Canton Paint Scheme is really one of the best out there.

The Maryland flag I always found attractive (maybe because my family has lived there

since the 1600's) and the way it is applied to the engines and caboose is really playful

while being respectful to it.


There was a time once I was driving though the tunnel there in Baltimore and was

surprised by how close the Canton tracks were. It looked like the engine was in the

next lane!


very cool thanks for posting

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