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Happy New Year SWSAT crew!  Sorry for the late start this morning,  your dispatcher was allowed to sleep in for a couple minutes.  Today's kick off pic is about what many of us are doing this weekend,  putting Christmas displays away.  Here a Lionel docksider shoves a forlorn troublesome truck loaded with Christmas trees. 


So welcome to Switcher Saturday,  show us what got!

Switcher Saturday guidelines:

1. Everybody continues to be nice.  In the digital age it's too easy to forget that words on a screen were typed by a living person.  It's never been an issue on this thread yet, and I think we should be proud of that.

2. The subject here is small locomotive power of all kinds.  3 rail O is a given,  but all are welcome,  Full size, Hongz, live steam,  park RR's, industrial critters etc.  You get the idea!

3. This weekly thread starts on Saturday but is open all week.   Feel free to check out old threads. Here is a link to last week's thread.

4.  This thread is in the photo album section to follow the terms of service of the OGR forum website.   In that same vein, please only post pictures of your own or those you have permission to use here.  Think it's cool but can't find a way to get copy and paste permission,  no problem,  just post a link instead.

5. Have fun!


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Happy SWSat! Happy New Year to all!

Yesterday I picked up another K-line Plymouth switcher in New Haven livery. This one is a little unique because its fitted with a snow plow. I bought it from forum member @L.I.TRAIN Steve. I met him at his club TMB- Train Masters of Babylon. , and I got a guided tour of the layout and it is a beauty. They have an open house today and tomorrow if you are on LI and in the Farmingdale area, check it out.

Thanks Steve


2020-01-04 08.34.292020-01-04 08.34.402020-01-04 08.35.332020-01-04 08.37.59

PS- I have 6 of these little buggers now.



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Good morning fellow switcher fans!  Happy new year!  JHZ563 good luck with taking down the Christmas decorations!  Looks like you are making good use of that little switcher  Mike CT - love that A5!  I have a photo of my K line A5 up today as inspired by your photo.  

Today's lot of pics from the Free State Junction Railway includes GE 44 tonner, a Shay, A5, SW 9, GP9, and Docksider.  I weathered both the Docksider and A5.  Have a great week everyone!!IMG_5683IMG_5097IMG_5114IMG_5807IMG_9365IMG_9411IMG_9413IMG_9360IMG_9414IMG_9449IMG_9454IMG_9346


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The oldest shifter in the yard, Lucky 13 was one of the first ones built when it arrived on the Pennsy in 1916.  The photographer got a couple of good photos of the big 0-4-0 moving a H21a hopper into position at the coal tower.  To the right, a N2sa is pulling out after topping off its tender with Pennsylvania Anthracite.

As the new decade arrives nearly all A5 engines were still active and working the complex street and tight industrial trackage of the Pennsy.  Because of the engines usefulness most of the 47 built lasted to the end of Pennsy steam in 1956/7.


The A5 is K-Line with ERR cruise, the H21a is Atlas, and the N2sa tender is 3rd rail.


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A little Lionel LionChief "docksider" assumes the mantle of Baltimore & Ohio Railroad No. 316, a remarkable engine that began life as an 0-8-0 at Patterson, NJ, in 1865, and ended its days at Newark, NJ, in 1946.  In 1865, she was a large and powerful locomotive built to challenge the Appalachians west of Cumberland; by 1946, she was a quaint anachronism switching the docks in New York City as an 0-6-0.  Her remarkable tale is told by Ed Bommer in his fascinating essay, "A Long and Dutiful Life, the life of B&O 316":

Still vital and well maintained in 1946, the B&O decided to discard her.  She was scrapped by Naporano in Newark, not far from where she was built.  She had been supplanted by generation upon generation of more powerful and glamorous locomotives, her tasks assumed ultimately by the likes of the glorious EM-1, then diesels.  Would that the B&O had thought to squirrel this gem away at Mount Clare - but they didn't.  Yea, how the mighty are fallen.  A few more decals, some Dulcote, a little weathering and she'll be as good as old - in O Gauge.


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Happy New Year to all switcher aficionados and notably to JHZ563 who has done such a great job of carrying on SWSAT II.

In keeping with today’s theme, photo shows my Lionel Reading 0-6-0T switcher #1251 at the south curve of my 10’-by-5’ layout. Thanks to Rapid Transit Holmes for relating the history of B&O 316. Was it the prototype for Lionel’s model?

Photo by:




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