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Well, in light of the relatively limited benefits available these days, and especially for international members, an increase to that level (+50%) is not likely to do much for the organization's membership rolls.

For what it's worth, I searched the TCA member list for people with addresses in Canada - got 88 hits.  Not insignificant, but not a large number either.

@cta4391 posted:

Is it safe to say that Canadians can still go the route of Digital / Paper Free membership for $40?

@rolling posted:

I have checked the TCA website, and there is no mention of Digital/Paper free membership for $40.

The $40 paper-free membership is listed on page 20 of the May 2023 Nat'l HQ News.  No mention of whether or not it is valid for non-US members, but I can't see why it shouldn't be.

The website leaves a bit to be desired.

@HiramO posted:

I've been a member for over 20 years, hard to say what the benefits are, other than going to York once in a while. Can't blame the Canadians!

Not hard at all...

Museum (a great collection and presentation), library (excellent historical archive), in-depth magazine, grading standards, enforcement of member conduct.  Without TCA, who would provide these valuable resources?  Would they be available if all of those things were in private collections?  Well worth less than the cost of a box car.

I drive 550 miles each way to York, farther than some Canadians, and many US members drive farther than that.

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