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I liked  my CAB-2 remote holder but always felt it needed to be a little more robust as the CAB-2 is pretty hefty so finally found time to check that out.

Came up with a design similar to the MTH I made and it sure is much more robust.

First comes the design on CAD, we want this to fit like a glove and yet be very strong and at the same time have access to all the various buttons and sliders. (why not)

CAB-2 Rev-6_3CAB-2 Rev-6_2

ok looks good let's print it, test it, and yes it does fit like a glove and is very robust

IMG_5002 remote in holder_5005

the old vs redesign and on the layout it looks great.

side by side_5003 on the layout_5008

This was actually a fun project.


Images (6)
  • CAB-2 Rev-6_3
  • CAB-2 Rev-6_2
  • IMG_5002
  • remote in holder_5005
  • side by side_5003
  • on the layout_5008
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I think the Prusas hold tighter tolerances than the Creality machines. Or at least my Creality machine. I have a little bit of investigating to do because my bed won't stay level. We'll see. I got the modified part on the printer right now. I couldn't get the press fit in when I woke up today so I opened it up a bit.

I really like this project though @sidehack. I would love to mount a holder on my workbench in the basement to keep the remote safe.

Bill the MK3 runs a quick check at the start and self levels, I never have to level or do calibrations, and one of the things I like the most is the print comes right of when done and if not I remove the plate a and give it a bend, no print coming loose when printing and no sticking when done. I can remember using a plastic hammer on some (that's got to be good for the printer) that I tested out before I purchased this one.

@sidehack I have not. I might have made my own though. I'll try to remember to post when I get to testing. I took the replacement surface and put aluminum foil on the adhesive side. So now I should be able to bend the surface away from my part once I unclip the surface from the build plate.

@A. Wells which machine do you have? I actually like the surface that came with my CR10S Pro. I tried PEI for a minute but switched back to stock.

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