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Hi folks,

Does anyone happen to know which company would have made this segment of tubular track? I think I got it over a decade ago as part of an auction win, and I'm now finding myself wanting more, if I can find them (I'm also open to alternative suggestions for short segments like this). 

Any guesses as to the make?

Thanks so much,




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I've never seen tubular track with roadbed like that.

In general, tubular track is easy to cut to any size needed (I use a Dremel tool). I try to avoid small filler sections. Let's say that a full length section is 10" long, and I need to fill a 13" space. Instead of a full section and a 3" piece, I'd cut one of the longer length tracks available (usually equivalent to 3 sections) to 13".




Thanks for the quick reply! Yes, my Dremel is waiting in the wings. Thanks also for the advice on avoid smaller filler sections, which is well-understood. This is a scenario where the fill section is a short straight part of an S-curve, so two long sections won't cut it, (pun intended) here, unfortunately.

Thanks again!


Great work, guys! Wow--what an obscure piece of track, and you guys pinpointed it in less than an hour. Thanks so much! It sounds like the piece I have is going to be all I'll find if TRW hasn't been able to find much more over the past 5 years. It might be time for the Dremel to come out to make some siblings out of standard tubular. 

Thanks so much, guys!

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