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PS-3 slave boards are $80.  They are not as repairable as PS-2 boards.  Smoke unit can be repaired.  The PS-3 slave comes out by removing two harnesses, and disconnecting a pin that has a white wire.

Since PS-3 slaves can not be test without 2 PS-3 test sets and harnesses, it is really tested in the unit and then repaired from there.  G

Thanks GGG  I ended up removing leads to heating unit and now everything else works perfectly so hopefully I never really damaged board  Isn’t it strange that unit was smoking just sitting on rails by itself not connected to other A unit and not addressed by app?  It also seems like it wasn’t shorting but rather drawing more that 5 amp max for DCS Explorer after smoking for a few seconds

You stated that you replaced the wick in the Trailing A unit.  You must be very careful, there is a thin, plastic inset that contacts all four walls of the smoke unit chamber.  It is there to prevent resistor contact with the chamber wall.  This is most probably where your short is. 

After you replace the wick, or do any internal work on smoke units it is wise to check the resistors and make sure there is no contact with the outer wall.  Always check the resistors for dead shorts prior to connecting the smoke unit and powering up.


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