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I was unable to locate any threads relating to the construction of train station benches.

So I designed my own and am now 3D printing some. They are 3 inches long and about 5/8" wide.

bench printing

Also, printing some antenna stand-offs that are used on the Lionel Veranda Turbine


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  • bench printing
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I am posting 3D prints that I make for myself. This model is specific to the CTA (Chicago Transit) platform I am building.

However, I cannot prevent other forum-ites posting a "want to purchase" on non-F/S forums.

As we have agreed and consistent with OGR Rules, I will continue to discourage sale or purchase questions on non-F/S forums. And refer them to doing a private message to me instead.

Finally, I have never tried to sell or offered to sell anything on a non-F/S forum.

To make the light head I took a photo of the actual light head at the CTA California Station I am modeling.

Then simply modeled a cross-section from the photo. Then revolve the cross-section in a full circle.

The actual light head lowest edge is thin metal. I can't 3D print something that thin and have it survive. So I thicken the inside of the revolve cross- section at the bottom.  And then print it.

CTA light head at california station


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  • CTA light head at california station

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