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A few folks have been asking me to share a little more about my Dad's O Gauge layout.

My dad inspired me to get into this hobby as far back as I can remember. He taught me how to handle the trains, wire the track, troubleshoot, and how to apply scenery to a layout. And to this day he is still trying to teach me patience. The most important thing: he gets just as excited as I do about this hobby. When a new piece comes in, we both celebrate. Thanks Dad for getting me into this great Hobby.

I will post more here as Dad's layout and love of trains is something special. For now, enjoy a quick video!

For more train videos, check out my YouTube Channel: Chris' YouTube Channel: RBP Trains

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Thank you for sharing your father's layout with us. His love for the hobby is obvious in the care and scenic detail that he has put into his layout over the years. Your love for the hobby comes through, not only in your meticulously planned and executed layout, but, also in hearing your enthusiasm as you speak about model railroading and your father's great influence and support in the hobby.

I plan to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Bravo to both you and your father on your great model train displays!!!!!

@baltimoretrainworks thanks! You are right. Dad was able to create some nice scenes with minimal materials.

@towdog thanks for checking out the videos! I lack patience and definitely rushed a bit of my scenery but I wanted to get back to running the trains. Luckily I had enough ideas from the tips on this forum that I knew what I needed to do to get where I wanted to be which saved some time!

@Csxcellent It is great to meet other younger guys in the hobby! I do think it would have been special to be a kid during the Post War era. So many cool stories on this forum from the folks who grew up during the Golden Age of the hobby. I like to think we are heading for another Golden Age with all of the online buzz around O Gauge trains these days!

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Chris, what a great video of your dad's layout! I can see where you get your dedication to trains! I also noticed that your dad and I have something in common. If I am correct that is a picture of John Wayne on the wall If so the were both big fans of both trains and John Wayne! Thanks again for sharing!

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