John, I think it must be something local to you. Note that it says this happened on an OUTBOUND connection. That’s something originating on your machine, not something coming from the OGR forum server. As further evidence, I just opened that thread on two PCs, a MAC and my IPad. No pop up.

Clear your cookies and cache in Firefox and see if it still happens.

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Tons of phishing and spamming going on right now. Watch emails and unusual alerts and be careful what you click on.

I received this from my IT department this morning.

As we get more comfortable working from home, cyber attackers have quickly adjusted to this new situation. We are currently tracking a significant world-wide increase in the amount of phishing attempts targeting people working at home. In addition to common phishing messages, scams revolving around the Coronavirus and scams related to tax returns are becoming more prevalent. 

I know that George, the question is why?  It only happens in that one thread, and I don't have issues anywhere else.


I was getting the same alert from my antivirus software a week or so ago and, like you, only on one thread.

I alerted the OGR Forum team and they searched the thread with their software and found nothing. I am no longer getting a warning when opening that thread, 



If you white-list that exact thread address in your anti-virus and firewall programs, the issue might disappear.  Hard to tell if you will ever figure out what caused the problem.


I just tried the link in John's first post and my malwarebytes grabbed as a trojan.  There is definitely something in that thread.



You are absolutely right. The photo of the repainted engine posted by Norton was an image being served by If you note the data in the John's first post about this, the trojan was coming from

I posted this within the post over there to let the member know what was going on.

We deleted the image you linked to from The site was attempting to force a trojan malware download to people viewing this thread.

In all fairness, I don't think Member Norton had any idea that this was happening.

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Flyboy62 posted:

I just tried the link in John's first post and my malwarebytes grabbed as a trojan.  There is definitely something in that thread.



Melwarebytes is A+ in my opinion.

I have that program and McAffee. In the case I mentioned above McAffee did not respond to the Trojan threat, Malwarebytes did.

Just FYI

Nice detective work, and I'm glad to know it wasn't my end.  I had no idea that was malicious, but I'll certainly keep my distance from them!

That's right, it wasn't John's picture. I should have looked at the file name more closely. Sorry John! 

The Chrome browser blocked the download with its internal security settings, so it never got to my anti-virus software.


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