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I have a set of TTOS Convention baby Madison passenger cars from 1974 through 1977 including an extra 9512 coach.  I intended to repaint them into the Pullman Green Madisons I remember from my youth, but didn't want to proceed without giving a TTOS member the option to obtain them as a collection.  All appear to be in original boxes in apparent unused condition though they appear to have been out of the boxes at some point, and the box ends are faded and in some cases torn, with most identified on the flap in pen.

1974 - 9512 Summerdale Junction Coach - there are two coaches

1975 - 9520 Phoenix AZ Combine

1976 - 9526 Snowbird UT ITU Div Observation

1977 - 9535  Buckeye Division Baggage

My goal is the same cars, 2 coaches and 1 each baggage, combine, and observation. I'd prefer Pullman green but I'd settle even for a mix of other liveries that I can repaint.  I'd expect the exchange shipping both ways to be paid by the individual acquiring the TTOS set.  A sale offer would have to cover my costs to replace the car mix and cover shipping.

If there is no interest in the next week, I'll likely proceed with the repaint, but just wanted to make sure there wasn't someone out there that really was eager to have such a set.

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