Walthers Route 66 Motel - #933-2715 Instruction/Hook-up Information

Hi Everyone, Hope someone can help me.

Just bought a Walthers Route 66 Motel - #933-2715 for my O-Gauge Layout

Of course no Instruction/Hook-up Information.

Electronics aren't clear what goes where or what to mount the marquee sign onto?

Do you drill a hole/slot in your platform or ?

Any help would be appreciated.



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I don't have this kit but I can help with general knowledge about these Miller Signs.

Yes, you will need to drill about a 1" hole or a slot in your plywood base to accomodate the plugs.  The Left and Right plugs are inserted on each of the marquis sign contacts with the arrow lined up with the white line (not the green contact).  I am not sure about the orientation of the smaller plug for the Motel sign.  If it does not work, reverse it.

The controllers usually have an on-off switch and a push button.  Each push of the push button will cycle through a different lighting sequence.


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