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Yes I have over 100 Atlas cars and have found 7 with destroyed floors.  Stored in climate control environment.  I have just had enough of these issues, and the dead engine issues, that I have just given up and look at it as me being the fool.  I stopped buying.  Throw the broken crap out with much pain and moved on to firearms as a hobby.  No long do you keep banging your head against the wall????  Too bad I loved this hobby but the quality of all manufacturers is hopeless.

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Here is a photo of the underside of a Santa Fe version from the previous years release (2006).

I have two Atlas O Master line PS-1 Box cars, not the Plug door as the OP, but a single door and a double door.  Would anyone know if the underframes on these models could be of the same batch and tooling?  Both are less than 7 years old.

The CP car posted shows Aug 2007 as expected delivery date. What Atlas number are yours?

The item numbers I have are 8875-2 and 8428-1. 

Atlas also has a big problem with brass roof walks and contaminated metal parts. Some will deny it but it’s real. Many of the AAR 40 footer car ladders and grab irons warp then just crumble like cookies sitting on the shelf. Even on non-run NOS, I receive cars with pieces floating around the carton.

PS master series brass painted walk ways buckle when the heat is on then return flat when cold.

Unless I see new advancements in tooling I avoid their products. Lionel & MTH later models are superior blowing away those old designs with rugged reliability and lower prices.

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I'm not whinging I have lots of freight cars about 300 of all makes and buying more all the time, but.........

There is a history of problems right across the board in O scale not only with Atlas and Weaver but also with BRASS parts falling off on some of the older boxcars from Precision Scale/ Iron Horse Models were problematic I have a couple now where the solder is deteriorating and they are painted to make it worse. I still love the scale, and have no intention of ever leaving it till they cart me off in a box.  Roo.

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I really didn't want to hear about this plague in Atlas reefers!

So far I havent seen it in any of my reefers   This is a 50 foot plug door box car

With the 40' steel reefers being Intermountain tools with a 1 piece plastic body and floor, all we have to worry about is the redone metal bolster and trim detail.

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