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Considering the 1921 date ...they are showing some trains that had not been made for 10 years!

Lionel failed to update their catalog cuts to match current production .  Shown here are the "shorty" gondolas from 1910/11,  thin rim 51 1911, U frame 33 with 6 wheels  1912,  8 wheeled  1911/ 53  special 1912 ....


so  the catalog gave a general idea of the actual train that would be running under your tree at Christmas

Cheers Carey

WftTrains posted:

I assume that's not the same Western Electric that was part of the former AT&T Bell Telephone System?


Yes, it is indeed the same Western Electric. The electrical equipment distribution arm was completely sold off in 1941 and became Graybar, Western Electric itself becoming the manufacturing arm of the Bell System.

The maker of the Burlington set was Western Coil and Electric.  Is this the same company?  I read that Western Coil and Electric started out making O gauge accessories and track then ventured into train manufacturing with their Zephyr.  Sales of the Zephyr were stagnant and they got out of the train business altogether.

Antonio Consoli also produced the Western Coil Zephyr in the 70s after Western Coil stopped production. He purchased all of their tooling and excess loco and observation car inventory.  Consoli also made new passenger cars from scratch to mate to the Western Coil pieces and he designed a vistadome observation car to compliment the set. Some complete sets were made of bronze-colored aluminum instead of standard aluminum. Consoli Zephyr set rare, vistadome car rarer and bronze set rarest.

consoli western coil zephyr consoli western w box consoli burlington zepyhr


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